Your Easter Sunday Dinner Open Thread

Not to cast aspersions on Sunday Gravy, but WineWife stuffs the finest turkey this side of the Rocky Mountains. The projected menu for the evening will include: Turkey + stuffing   Yams & potatoes Firecracker green beans Asparagus & prosciutto some form of salad Lemon Cheesecake (homemade) Chocolate mousse Depending upon the

Your “Get Off My Damn Lawn!” Saturday Evening Open Thread

It's 4/20 this weekend, and this shit is being played live withing listening distance of my house: As has been established, I'm a drinker, not a toker, so, I've fucked off to my brother's in Seattle, with the good scotch. Hope y'all are having a good long weekend. Tonight's sports: NHL: Jets at

Your “These Kids Today” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: Tom Coughlin, pictured above, has opinions on players that skipped this week's voluntary workouts. Borrowing from ESPN, Coughlin stated "We're very close to 100 percent attendance, and quite frankly, our players should be here building the concept of team, working hard side by side, constructing our bond of

Your Actually Wednesday NFL Schedule Release Open Thread

NFL News: Ahead of tonight's schedule reveal at 8:00PM ("Only on the NFL Network!"), the International Games slate has been revealed. Remember that the "home team" surrendered a home stadium date in order to be guaranteed a Super Bowl hosting experience. London Games: Chicago Bears vs. Oakland Raiders, Sunday, Oct.

Your “Defence Wins Championships, But Offence Gets Paid” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Russell Wilson got PAID. A four-year extension worth $140 million, including a no-trade clause, keeping him a Seahawk until 2023.   Or, more than Aaron Rodgers, which is apparently what his measuring stick was. He is/was scheduled to make $17 million this year, and if the extension wasn't realized

Your “The Wrong Notre Dame Burned Down” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: The day's not over yet, so Russell Wilson's deadline has not yet passed. There are trade rumours afoot in the absence of any real news: The Honey Badger speculates it's the Giants just because. Will Brinson at CBS Sports speculates the Giants by way of draft picks. He

Your Sunday Evening Even More Playoff Games Open Thread

What's up,  kids? It's your friendly neighborhood Balls of Steel here filling in for BeerGuyRob, who has been called away on duty. (Read: Taking care of business down at WineWife Country if you know what I mean and I think you do.) Anyhoo, I just want to point out that Tiger Woods

Your Saturday Evening All Sports Playoff Spectacular & Open Thread

There's no need for a long introduction or rambling adventure through my past. It's playoff season, baby, and focus should be on the watching, not the whimsy. I would be remiss, however, if I didn't point out that the Game 1s so far pretty much blew up my predictions from Tuesday

Your “The One-Eyed Man Also Has To Be S-M-R-T” Thursday Evening Open Thread

Well, it's been a couple of days since I checked the NFL news feeds. Let's see what's up: NFL Nuggets: Robert Kraft's lawyers are now citing "irreparable harm" if the video of Kraft making Cheez Whiz in Florida becomes public.   Media outlets are appealing to have the tapes released, but the

Your Wednesday Evening NHL Western Conference Preview & Open Thread

(Sorry I'm late - the students needed extra help today.) As the playoffs start tonight, we wrap up our brief two-day intro coverage by looking at the Western Conference matchups: Calgary vs. Colorado Colorado already starts this series mentally down in the eyes of their fans, because they got FUCKED in the Draft