Your “Nice Lid, Sid” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: kind of quiet today As expected, Antonio Brown has filed a second grievance with the NFL over his helmet. He is claiming he should get the same one-year grace period as Tom Brady, and that he was arbitrarily denied. Brady's grace period was last year, and he now

Your “Return Of The King” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Zeke is some pissed at Jerry Jones, after he found out his team's owner made a "Zeke Who?" crack when asked about the starting RBs against the Rams last Saturday. He did clarify his remarks later in the game, but with negotiations stalled, it's just more kindling on

Your “I Guess I Should Do Something” First Preseason Game Thread

I'm giving Scotchy the night off. The man works hard, and shouldn't be forced to labour under the aspersion there is meaning to the first preseason games of the year. Thus, this thread will serve a dual purpose of entertaining & preparing for the evening contests. NFL Nuggets: It's worse than

Your “Lather, Rinse, Repeat” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Josh Gordon has filed for reinstatement to the NFL.  If reinstated, he immediately becomes eligible for further punishment from his December 20th suspension. He missed the Pats final two games & the playoffs. Protocol dictates he's looking at another six regular season games, unless ol' Rog counts the

Your “Hey – I Thought We Fired That Guy?!” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Ryan Fitzpatrick is the scheduled starter for Miami in their first pre-season game this Thursday against Atlanta. Josh Rosen seems to be doing well. The story of Antonio Brown's molting feet (not going to post the pics) got stranger today when it was disclosed they were effectively burnt in

Your “Sayonara Suckers” Sunday Evening Open Thread

Well, this is my last post for a bit, as I have hit my #content quota for the year, so the powers that be have ceased forcing my production, and thus I will be "intermittent" for the next three weeks. Next week, I will be visiting the (checks thesaurus) "Beautiful" state of

Your Saturday Evening, One Week Until Hall Of Fame Inductions Open Thread

The Gatekeeper of Canton Welcome, my pretties, to the last weekend before the glorious return of NFL football*. It is a time of wonder & joy for all 32 teams, for each has visions of sugarplums playoffs dancing in their heads. Soon there will be four weeks** of pre-season games, wherein

Your Wednesday Evening “Reporting For Duty, Sir!” Open Thread

NFL Notes: 18 teams begin full training camps today. 13 have veterans reporting; 5 have everyone reporting. In addition, rookies for the Bengals, Rams & Steelers report today. Jalen Ramsey showed up in style. Not reporting today? Melvin Gordon, who continues to pursue a contract extension. Gordon is set to

Your “Ten Years?!” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Daniel Jones has agreed on his rookie contract with the Giants.   Ahead of rookies appearing at camp Monday. Veterans arrive Wednesday, with the first team practice scheduled for Thursday. Per, the only rookies left to sign their entry-level deals are: Nick Bosa - Niners Quinnen Williams -

Your “It’s Not The Sharks You Have To Worry About” Sunday Evening Open Thread

Summer finally arrived in Vancouver. But thanks to the rain earlier this week, most of the beaches - including Ambleside, near my house - are closed due to elevated e.coli counts. While it's fun to blame it on the rain and the associated runoff of animal fæces,  in the case of Ambleside it