Your “Free Sometimes Means ‘Awesome'” Saturday Evening Open Thread

So, my brother is at the Notre Dame - USC game in South Bend tonight. Beerbrother was invited to give a speech there yesterday, and instead of a per diem he accepted tickets to the game. I asked him if he spit on the Joe Theismann statue, and he responds

Your “We Decide What You Watch” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Noise: It's going to be pretty easy for the Patriots tomorrow night, now that the following players have been ruled out: Saquon Barkley (ankle), Sterling Shepard (concussion), Evan Engram (knee) and Wayne Gallman (concussion). The Giants are down to their third- and fourth-string running backs. At this point, the Giants

Your Tuesday Evening “What Do I Want To Watch?” Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: Sam Darnold has been cleared to play this Sunday against the Cowboys. He was apparently all-but-ready to go against the Eagles, but an ultrasound showed an enlarged spleen, a side-effect of mono, apparently. GRONK ON FOX NOW! His first action will be this Thursday during the Thursday Night

Your Saturday Evening “Working Hard Or Hardly Working” Open Thread

It was a fairly long week at school. Cold & flu season has begun in earnest, combined with the calendar making Canadian Thanksgiving a week later than normal. The result was certain of my co-workers taking their sick days earlier than normal, and the site being shortstaffed to the point

Your “Obvious Point Is Obvious” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Before I begin - a big shoutout to Horatio for helping work up ESPN blowhard Darren Rovell on the Twitter. That's good enmity. NFL News: Jon Gruden has opinions about the injustice of Vontaze Burfict's season-ending suspension: "I'm not happy about it -- at all. I don't want to say anything else,

“Over Before It Begins” – A [DFO] Western Conference Preview

As a longtime supporter of the Vancouver Canucks, there's a reason I chose at a young age to also root for the Bruins - I needed something to do during the playoffs. Plus, it's not like the league actually enjoys having teams in Western Canada. Look at this map:   If Gary Bettman

Your “Is There Always Something To Watch?” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: Bears linebacker Roquan Smith has got an apparent case of the Everson Griffen's and is out indefinitely. He was taken off the roster 20 minutes before kickoff last Sunday, and is not expected to travel with the Bears to London to play against the Raiders. Smith's absence might

“How Will I Be Disappointed This Year?” – A DFO NHL Eastern Conference Preview

Hi everyone, It's your old pal Beerguyrob with DFO's annual looksee into the mire that is the NHL's Eastern Conference. This year, I will dispense with the usual "Ugh - not the fucking Penguins again" tone and instead attempt to provide a balanced one-paragraph per team, highlighting strengths & weaknesses so

Your Saturday Evening “One Week Until Hockey” Open Thread

Sure, I know the regular season kicks off on Wednesday - get your paragraph previews in to me ASAP please - but for most Canadians the season officially begins the first Saturday of the season, when you hear those magical notes: AW YEAH BABY! That's like an entire country making babies

Your “Looking Elsewhere For Inspiration” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: The Seahawks traded Nick Vannett to the Steelers for a fifth-round pick in 2020. The Steelers were down a tight end after Vance McDonald hurt himself against the Niners. The trade gives the Seahawks an expected 10 picks in the 2020 draft. The Seahawks then signed Raiders castoff

Your “Taking Stock Of Things” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Injury reports! Cam Newton is dealing with a Lisfranc injury, and will miss at least this Sunday for sure. If second-year backup Kyle Allen can get them past the Texans, then they have the Jaguars and Buccaneers on deck before a Week 7 bye. Allen did go 19-of-26 for 261