That’s My Raiders! Bye Bye Britain

EXT. THE ROYAL LONDON HOSPITAL – DAY Establishing shot. ANNOUNCER BETH MOWINS: That's My Royals [sic] is filmed on location in Belfast, [sic] England. CUT TO – INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - DAY AMARI COOPER lies unconscious in a hospital bed.  KOLTON MILLER sits in a chair in the corner of the room, munching on a big

“Shathawks… Nope,…Shethawks… No, That’s Not Right… Hold On, I’ve Got It…” Seattle At The Bye

As Beastmode Ate My Baby is off on another top-secret government mission, it falls to me, another Seahawks season ticket holder and the writer of the Seahawks 2018 season preview this year, to provide an update on the team everybody used to hate. At their bye, the Seahawks are 3-3 - not

May the Cycle Melt: Raiders at the Bye

INT. THE PARLOR AT CROFTON COURT - NIGHT A trio of distinguished gentlemen are seated at a table around a ouija board.  Two of them - HENDRICK and WINCHESTER - have their hands resting gently on the planchette, while the third - XAVIER - sits with his arms crossed in a

Where am I? What is this place?

Well here we are on the bye week and I have to say I never thought that the Eagles would be having the best record in the league. Hell, I would have been happy if they were 5-4 but still staring up at the unmentionables in the division. Through the

Packers at the bye. Just can’t catch a break.

So. Packers at the bye. They're 4-3.  They have 9 games left. A pretty easy scheulde remains, they should make the playoffs for the 9th straight time, And that will be that.                 What?                               You were expecting more?                 ...Okay, fine I'll talk about the Green and Yellow elephant in the room. (Not Green and Gold

Titans Bye Report: In The Mix

There was a tangible preseason buzz about the Titans, and I called them a chic sandwich in the preview. The present state is a wholly different reality. The hip AFC South team is THE TEXANS, thanks to DeShaun Watson. Hell, even the Jaguars, who have ZERO prime time games scheduled