2018 Quotables – Pro Bowl Weekend (Results)

Having successfully ignored pretty much all of the Superb Owl media news this week, it seems strange that THE BIG GAME is on Sunday. My employers main office is based in Massachusetts, so other than the occasional Patriots knob slobbing I overhear on conference calls, it would just be another

2018 Quotables – Pro Bowl Weekend (Submissions)

Welcome to Quoteables, where our ELITE team of professional Commentists have been hand selected to meet in Hawaii Orlando (at least it's not Phoenix!) to crack wise on the images you see below. They truly are the best of the best (minus those commenting in the Superb Owl, those who may

2018 Quotables – Conference Finals Weekend (Results)

You guys ready for some PROFESSIONAL BOWL action this weekend?! As someone who didn't watch the SKILLS SHOWDOWN last night, I know I sure am not! That being said, I'm expecting a plethora of good material for next week, where Quoteables will march on, Hate Week and all. It's gonna