Final thoughts: The 2018 World Cup comes to an end

The dust has been settled, the alcohol from Sunday has finally worn off and the teams have gone home. It's time for some concluding thoughts about this World Cup. Where do you rank this World Cup? Balls: I've said it before,  but I honestly think it's the Best World Cup EVAR! I've

25 Questions About…

This Apparently,  stupidity and sexual harassment is not restricted to active NFL players.  In the latest scandal to rock the NFL, several on-air personalities and former players employed by the NFL's own Network are being accused of some very bad things. I'm SO happy that the current climate allows for assholes like

25 Questions (Plus One)…

...About this... Sort of. This one is a little different than our normal 25 Questions format, so pay attention. While any and all you are more than welcome to answer these questions regarding yourselves and your own Las Vegas experiences, and I think we'd all enjoy it if you would.... This one is actually

25 Questions About….

This Actually, it's really about this Allow me to explain.  Around the DFO water cooler,  Litre_ cola suggested that we rename the Houston Texans. We did this already with The Washington Redacteds and it makes sense to me since Deshaun Watson has proven to be really good and may actually push the

25 Questions About….

This: So, you may have heard the news that the Zodiac Killer or someone on his staff "liked" a tweet from @SexuallPosts which contained a porn video. I, your intrepid investigative reporter,  tracked down the video and watched the whole thing.  You may have.... Questions. 1- Is it a rhetorical question to ask

25 Questions About…

this I am speaking, of course, about the Bay Area.  It's that mass of land in the north of my beautiful state that is home to mostly disgusting hairy hippy hipster no-good wine-swilling cheese-eating holier-than-thou arrogant assholes.  And most of them support this piece of shit team: This here is your ALTERNATE

25 Questions About…

This: Now, you non-Spanish speakers may not understand the picture I just showed you.  It is, ostensibly, a movie poster for a film called The ChickenFucker.  No, this is not the South Park episode, this is something else entirely.  Live action.  Apparently.  I know I have questions.  You may too: 1- Is the

25 Questions…

ahem... Wheres My Theme Music? Life is like playing for the Hurricanes, here on This Blog Footballs, laserfaces,  Jets fail, it's a damn blog Might watch a miss field goal, or write about aliens in history! 25 Questions (woo oo) Thursday Duchess is out there making, 25 Questions (woo oo) Questions of daring-do anal and pop Culture Questions (woo

25 Questions about… Cutler to the Dolphins

  Have you ever gone to a bar and found that your favorite bartender was replaced by some guy named Steve? Well, I'm Steve, what can I get you?   How many Chicago Bears fans have now made the Dolphins their AFC team? Is anyone really surprised he choose to get paid $10

BONUS 25 Questions About…

The HALL OF FAME GAME! Balls already banged out this week's edition of 25 Questions About... but this is a special BONUS edition since the Hall of Fame Game is today, it rhymes, it usually sucks, but at least it's football!  Stand by for cromulent musings on the game itself from