Offseason QB Interviews! Seattle edition.

Ah Seattle, I love this city, sure there is a bunch of hipsters with mismatching clothing so even since Alaska Air lost my bags I can wear the same clothes for days and fit in. That Oakland interview was really strange but I have no fear that I will get

DFO “Insiders” Predict the NFL Wild Card Round. With Bonus Analysis!

Banner photo courtesy: After an unprecedentedly strange, bizarre? unusual? After a really weird fucking NFL regular season we have finally made it to here. The start of the NFL postseason! Congratulations are in order to 11 of the 12 playoff entrants - fuck the 12th - and condolences are in order

2017 Quotables – Week 16 (Results)

Photo Credit: NY Post I'd make a "The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree" joke, but honestly, the above-pictured Eli looks more like a penis in that hoodie than he does a fruit. Speaking of circumcision, some tough cuts in this week's quotables. It was a holiday weekend, so like late