25 Questions About….

This fucking masterpiece of writing: The Secret O Segredo No, I'm not talking about Oprah's bullshit book that millions of clueless housewives bought thinking they could fucking think their way to being thin and rich and beautiful.  Fuck that shit. I'm talking about an article that Don T turned me on to through the

25 Questions About ….

babies.  In the last two days, our good friends Litre_cola and Sunrisesunrise have been blessed with Deci-litre and lil sunrisesunrisesunrise.  I wish them both and their wives the very best and I will raise a glass to their babies' health this weekend.  In the meantime, such momentous events in our

25 Questions About…..

this thing. Today, as you know, is April 20.  For the majority of the DFO audience, 4/20 means a celebration of the plant that is now legal to consume for personal recreational use in Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Maine, Massachussetts, Nevada, and Oregon. Recreational use will become legal in California on January


Note from Balls: I apologize for having Episode 2 run a week late.  I was in Europe...busy.  Enjoy!   ¡Hola damas y caballeros! Welcome to Episode II of Fuck a Drive-Through! Although my ancestry is decidedly European, I've lived in South Texas the majority of my adult (chronologically vice behaviorally) life.  During

25 Questions about the NFL from a barely interested former “fan”

Thanks to Beerguyrob, I know a ton about what happened in relation to players getting signed and tagged.  This,  of course,  brings up some.... questions.  25 to be exact. 1- Is anyone else surprised that Goodell did not fine James Harrison $50,000 for signing an extension with the Steelers? 2- Or is

25 Questions About The NFL From A Barely Interested Former “Fan”

In case you were interested, no I did not buy the Groupon from last week. Now that I know that tWBS lives within miles of Adam and Eve HQ, there is no need.  That will, I'm sure, also come in handy during our adventures in the desert. Stay tuned. This week,