Offseason Qb Interviews – New York Edition

Just Landed at JFK, it's time to head to the local hostel.  The Puerto Rican DFO overlords are ruthless if you have no content from the content mines. Hopefully this gives me a chance to catch some local bands while I am here. I wonder what is up with the NYFG

Offseason Qb Interviews. Arizona edition.

I love the desert, maybe I can squeeze some golf in after the interview. It’s so handy that the stadium is so close to the metro area and Sky HarboUr…… It has proven to be very successful for the local hockey heroes, their attendance is through the roof and they

Offseason QB Interviews – Dallas edition.

It's hate week they said, go to your evil place they said. Is it not bad enough the Eagles have to play the hated P*ts this weekend? Nope, heading to big D to see what is happening with the Cowboys. As a professional journalist from the Upstairs Backlane Hollywood Journalism School

Offseason QB Interviews! – Denver edition.

Ahhh yeaahh Denver. Mountains? Check. Good beer? Check. Legal weed? Check. QB interview? Well, we shall just see about that. I have absolutely no idea who I am going to speak to but I will trust that Internet Dad has this set up for me. First things first have to

Offseason QB Interviews! – San Francisco Edition.

Alright, third time lucky I am sure with all the optimism in San Francisco that the dysfunction will have left the facility. /Arrives at AT&T Park Sweet, maybe I can get some of my beloved Dirt Niners gear before my interview. Where the hell is the entrance for the Niners part of

It Ends Tonight! Titans @ Patriots Divisional Open Thread

2015 was Mariota’s rookie season and the Titans finished 3-13, being shredded by Johnny Manziel in the process. How times change; now Tennessee stands to be destroyed by Tom Brady on his ascension to Unparalleled Excellence. That’s forward progress even Jeff Tripplette can’t deny. Last Saturday the Titans won its first

Quotables Week 13 – Results

You know, I don't think anyone could be prouder of their class than me.   You all outdid yourselves.  Give yourselves slaps on the ass!  HARD! On to the winners: Because no one appreciates inside jokes born out of a wild Vegas weekend more than I do. Honorable mention goes to SonofSpam: That’s how I celebrated

NFL Speakeasy Stories – LA Story

The girl with the absinthe cart approached him with a wicked smile and a knowing look One more Coach? Jeff Fisher just wanted to sit in the back corner alone "No thanks, Sue Lynn." She walked away feeling a mixture of pity and admiration.  It took a lot to survive in this town, let

Aussetzung der Ungläubigkeit

October 17, 2016 - INTERIOR MEDICAL OFFICE SOMEWHERE IN PENNSYLVANIA Dr. Jim Bradley:  Well Ben, I think the surgery went about as well as it could have.  We may even have you back on the field after the Patriots game! Ben:  Please address me as Herr Benjamin Todd Röthlisberger, mein lieber doktor. Dr. Jim:

A Correction is Made. A Promise is Kept.

Int: A very dark and damp room. The only sounds are a steady drip of water and quiet sobs and moans. Victim #3: "Hello? Please. Anybody? Hello?" /more sobs and sniffling sounds are heard. V3: " I know someone is here. I've heard things moving about. Why are you doing this?" /suddenly a bare