Quotables Week 13 – Results

You know, I don't think anyone could be prouder of their class than me.   You all outdid yourselves.  Give yourselves slaps on the ass!  HARD! On to the winners: Because no one appreciates inside jokes born out of a wild Vegas weekend more than I do. Honorable mention goes to SonofSpam: That’s how I celebrated

NFL Speakeasy Stories – LA Story

The girl with the absinthe cart approached him with a wicked smile and a knowing look One more Coach? Jeff Fisher just wanted to sit in the back corner alone "No thanks, Sue Lynn." She walked away feeling a mixture of pity and admiration.  It took a lot to survive in this town, let

Aussetzung der Ungläubigkeit

October 17, 2016 - INTERIOR MEDICAL OFFICE SOMEWHERE IN PENNSYLVANIA Dr. Jim Bradley:  Well Ben, I think the surgery went about as well as it could have.  We may even have you back on the field after the Patriots game! Ben:  Please address me as Herr Benjamin Todd Röthlisberger, mein lieber doktor. Dr. Jim:

A Correction is Made. A Promise is Kept.

Int: A very dark and damp room. The only sounds are a steady drip of water and quiet sobs and moans. Victim #3: "Hello? Please. Anybody? Hello?" /more sobs and sniffling sounds are heard. V3: " I know someone is here. I've heard things moving about. Why are you doing this?" /suddenly a bare

DFO Halloween Stories: Mr. Brown’s Shortcut

EXT: Pittsburgh Steelers practice facility. Antonio Brown and Markus Wheaton are catching passes from a Jugs passing machine: Markus Wheaton: "Damn, Antonio! You can catch some serious fastballs from that machine. How many passes do you catch each day?" Antonio Brown: "I guess a couple hundred a day. Give or take. Gotta stay sharp

Getting to Know the New Dallas Quarterback.

*Banner photo courtesy of Getty Images [interior new Dallas Cowboys practice facility with OC Scott Linehan and HC Jason Garrett] JG: "Hey Scott!" SL: "Howdy Jason." JG: "Gonna be a hell of a ride this year, are you ready for it?" SL: "You betcha! Ya know, this year just feels different. We've had to deal

Minnesota Vikings Preview: Coach Zimmer Addresses the Team.

[interior US Bank Stadium coaches office. Inside Coach Zimmer is tirelessly studying game film of the Tennessee Titans] /knock on door [door flies open] Zygi Wilf: "Yo Zimmy! How the hell are yez? Gettin' the boys ready for another fuckin' season over heah?" Coach Zimmer: "You know I am Zygi! I've got big plans

Coach Zimmer Gets Ready for Work.

main image via   Interior: Coach Zimmer's home near the Great Northern Minnesota woods "Good morning, Maria! Well, I guess it's about that time again. Training camp starts tomorrow." Maria: "I sure hope you have a great year coach. Will you be camping out tonight since it's the last night before your season starts?" CZ:

Balls of Steel’s AFL Beat – Midweek Special!

I know you're disappointed that, for travel-related reasons, your weekly dose of AFL Beat will be delayed. In an effort to tide you over, I offer this little analysis I did in which I asked the question:  What if the NFL used the AFL system to determine playoff seedings? I compiled the