Your “Hittin’ The Big Time” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Free agency: Le'Veon Bell to the Jets - 4 years/$52.5 million. Adrian Peterson is staying with the [Redacteds] - 2 years/$8 million Earl Thomas to the Ravens - 4 years/$55 million. The Ravens play in Seattle this coming season. Mark Ingram to the Ravens - 3 years/$15 million.

Friday Open – The King is Dead, Long Live The King

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is Balls. tWBS is... out.  So,  i'm taking over tonight's Sexy Friday thread and ... I've got some bad news . . . . . . This is your last Sexy Friday. For some of you, that's not a problem.  Truth be told,  Sexy Friday had gotten to be a pain for tWBS to write

Your “Wait – What Rules Are My Rules?” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Troy Vincent is having a No Fun League day: He announced the Competition Committee will be looking into amending the personal foul rule to allow immediate ejection after a dangerous hit. The Eagles will propose a rule change to prohibit leaping over the line to block a PAT

Your “Well – Look At That?!” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

Another big day here at [DFO]. This morning's missive, "Get To Know A Microbrew!" was the site's 2500th post.   THAT'S GOOD HUSTLE! To reflect back, DFO's first post was from Internet Dad on March 11, 2015. The appropriate title? "A Place For Your Dick Jokes". The entire post is just the title and

NFL Coaching Carousel Special

That's a funny word.  Carousel.  Seriously, look at it, it's weird.... Carousel. Meh.  Whatever. Coaches be gettin' fired.  Coaches be gettin' rumored.  Let's get up to date, Shall we? Carousel?  CAROUSEL!!!!!! No Hard feelings guys, but GTFO. - Who's Out? LA Rams - Jeff Fisher - Here, have a contract extension.....PSYCHE!!!!!!  Bye Jeff.         Jacksonville Jaguras - Gus Bradley -

Quotables Week 13 – Results

You know, I don't think anyone could be prouder of their class than me.   You all outdid yourselves.  Give yourselves slaps on the ass!  HARD! On to the winners: Because no one appreciates inside jokes born out of a wild Vegas weekend more than I do. Honorable mention goes to SonofSpam: That’s how I celebrated

The DFO Patrón Saint

Back at the site where we all met,  there was a patron saint and a matron saint and it was pretty obvious as to who they were and why they were. Here,  we have many unofficial matron saints And no official patron saint although two viable obvious options exist. Unfortunately,  I'm worried they

88 Questions about the Viagra commercial protagonists

For the young'uns so they get the shitty pop culture reference: Let's get started 1 Why is the blue-eyed blondie with the matching dress shown fully but Limpy McDick can't have his face shown? 2 What kind of stupid double-standard is that? 3 Are we meant to imply that it's all her fault? 4 That's

Balls’ Offseason Plans

Well, here we are again at the end of a NFL season. Things may seem bleak.  Maybe as bleak as my Cure-inspired middle of the night ramblings, but fear not, dear readers for we have plans PLANS I TELL YOU for the offseason. At least I do. Old School Zero is putting

Get Fired Up.

Hello all. Happy Friday Before Conference Championship Sunday. Lots of discussion about Manning-Brady 17 on the AFC side and the two best teams in the league facing off on the NFC side this week. Good football games are expected to fill our tv screens all Sunday afternoon in the penultimate week of

DFO Prediction Contests Update – Week 14

Just because I think I can still win these things, doesn't mean I'm insane.  Sort of.  What happened this week? DFO Spreads Wide (picking against the spread, Prize = A grab at OSZ’s bag of goodies) Sunrisesunrise let everyone back into the race and now leads by only 2 over Warthog who