Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week 6, 2018 Season

Some weeks just shit all over you.  This was one of them.  Herein lies part of the week's tale. All season long, Yinzburgh has shown their asses about Le'Veon Bell, in the most unappreciative, unsolidarity, anti-labour, Company Man way.  I am sure it has made the Ginger Hammer hard enough to

Instant(ish) Hippo Thoughts – Week 5, 2018

Due to some general physical malaise, I am typing this in the morning.  Que lastima. What a joy it is for the sad in life (hey, LIKE ME!!) to watch a placement kicker melt down in real time.  Of all people, Green Bay's Mason Crosby had his turn in the barrel

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week 3, 2018 Season

Los Angeles Rams.  Kansas City Chefs.  Miami LOLFins.  One of these three is not like the other. Yet all advanced to 3-0 this week, while the Minnesota Vikings got blown out at home by the historically bad Buffalo Bills.  I still don't know how to comprehend, nor describe how that happened.  Captain

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week Two, 2018

It's 17 September, 2018.  Have you seen your placekicker's psyche lately? /also HAIL SHANK'LOR!!, Goddess Bless Two weeks in, two Draws on the board, as we got a 29-29 scorigami in fat-ass cheese land.  Mason Crosby missed once (nice icing timeout, Mister Winkles!!), and rookie Daniel Carlson missed a few hundred times (including dead

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week One, 2018

Pictured is my new GameDay lucky shirt, found by the slowly redeeming self, also wants to go to NC State now asshole vegan kid, whilst thrifting in Colorado.  My very own Donks/Obama hybrid shirt, as endorsed by Democat-in-chief (most cats tend to be pretty conservative, you know), Kruger Adams D***s.  Last name

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Draft Morning After Pill

Special April edition!  With Lamar! looking like a very confused, out-of-place Notre Dame mascot imitator.  And #ThePauls being #ThePauls.  Thank heavenly Jeebus Tittyfuck for that. So let's start with the losers of Round 1.  Snap judgments, since we obviously ain't seen these cats play at the NFL level, and I'm still

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Holy Bananacakes! Edition

Didya get that looking glass I sentcha?  Cause we about to crash right through that mofo.... Week 19 started much like Week 5, with #OddWeekJaguras punching Yinzburgh in the mouth.  Much CBS Narrative was foiled.  But this time, down 28-7...Stillers fought back and made a game of it.  And what a

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Divisional Saturday (2017 Season)

Hey, I guess 1 outta 2 ain't bad? Contrary to popular opinion, I stand by my assertion that Iggles/Falcons was a really good footballing contest.  At least in the 2nd half, when the yips settled down.  It was more about hard-hitting, proper DEFENSING FOOTBAW, like in days of yore.  When I was