Instant Hippo Thoughts – Wild Card Sunday, 2018 Season

Jesus Christ, y'all.  How do Bearistocrats! fans go on after that?? Yes, there was an early game, too.  John Harbaugh was too stubborn to go to Mr. Elite, or to change up his gameplan until waaaayyyyy too late.  In schoolyard ball time, Lamar! did lead his Ratbirds to 2 TDs.  But

Christmas Eve Instant Hippo Thoughts (Week 16, 2018 Season)

Ho, ho, ho, here are some things we know! Congratulations to Breesus Christ and disciples, winner of home field throughout the NFC playoffs!  The Saints continued to look a bit wobbly, but much like a weeble, they managed not to fall down (again).  Cognizant of his opponent, Coach Epps tried a

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week 15, 2018 Season

The calm before the storm, maybe?  If Week 15 felt a little anti-climactic, that is because it was so. But although an expected outcome in just an average-played game...CONGRATULATIONS to the NFC North Champion Bearistocrats!  Twas a combination of effective defense, and solid quartered backing, which is absolutely the Chi**** script.  As

Instant Hippo Thoughts

"OW MY HEAD!" "UGH, MY STOMACH!" "YIKES,  MY BALLS!" These may be some of the thoughts going through Hippo's head today as he is under the weather and has requested assistance in fulfilling his weekly report to you fine folks. Now,  granted,  I do not speak hillbilly although I can understand it. Thus,  you

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week 12, 2018 Season

Delight of delights, the Yinzers finally ran out of dumb luck, and my Donks served as the direct beneficiaries!  Much like a certain annoying JV fixture one day earlier, Denver established the run - against an aggressive but overall just mediocre defensive front seven - and stuck with it.  When