The Devil and Hue Jackson (Part 2)

Part 1 --- "Good morning, Huey Jackson, it's time to rise and grind." The Devil's words come penetratin' into Hue's wrecked mind. So Hue sets down Mike Brown's laundry, cause that's his job these days, In addition to designin' passes for Andy Dalton to throw away. "Wake up, Sunshine!" the Devil laughs. "It's time to break

The Deadlyest Catch

On Halloween night, hours after the doorbell ceased ringing and the post bar-crawl traffic had evaporated, a man sits alone in his Los Angeles bungalow. Digitally penning his thoughts across a host of athletics message boards -- Deadspin, Reddit, Athalon -- he navigates his browser to his true pride and

An Occurrence in East Rutherford

Eli Manning: Alright Giants, play's a YZ Skipcat. Odell, we got you on this one. It’s a little slant but I’m gonna hit you high so you got time to turn it upfield. We still got third down to pound it for the first then. Odell Beckham Jr: You got it, Eli.

March of the Ram Man

We come across a man, our main character, walking across the Eads Bridge. His first name is Chris -- last name unknown and equally unimportant. There is no other Chris around and, as he is about to learn, “our main character” may have technically been a misnomer for, you see,

The 2016 “Houston Texans” Preview

    George Berkeley was an eighteenth-century Irish philosopher who's primarily known for his ideas on immaterialism (later known as "subjective idealism"). This idea is that visible objects, even the world itself, only exist in the mind that perceives them. It is certainly counter-intuitive but contains a valuable insight that has been passed on

CrimeBeat!: Now With Extra Preservatives!

Gentlemen and ladies- I would like to formally retract my "this year's draft is boring and too drawn out" statements. Not the "drawn out" part, because that remains an Undeniable Truth, but still- that was pretty spectacular. Trades! Surprise slides! TV showing a gas mask in a context other than

Balls of Steel’s AFL Beat – Rounds 4 and 5

In case you missed it, I was in Dallas last weekend visiting a friend and enjoying a lot of this: and this so I was in no state to write the AFL Beat.  Upon my return, work was crazy busy so my promised mid-week edition of the AFL Beat did not happen.