Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week 12, 2018 Season

Delight of delights, the Yinzers finally ran out of dumb luck, and my Donks served as the direct beneficiaries!  Much like a certain annoying JV fixture one day earlier, Denver established the run - against an aggressive but overall just mediocre defensive front seven - and stuck with it.  When

Lions and Bollo-Free Bears, Oh My!

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all.  Welcome to installment one of today's carnival. Chi**** (-3) at Detroit (12:30, CBS) We have replaced Bollo de la Verdad with sommet called Chase Daniel.   Yeah, I bet you did notice.  Somehow, this only moved the line 1.5 points, which I think vastly understates how key a


Holy cats, amirite??  I'mma just leave this here: OK, fine, I will type some more.  These guys are for real, despite a slew of injuries (Two of the Good Ones being the real problem, as Josh Reynolds can capably step into the Cooper Kupp role). You can't dismiss them based on schedule. 

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week 11, 2018

Well, terrible (even by Ginger Hammer Era NFL standards) kind of ruined my enjoyment of this week, what wasn't ruined by the mediocrity of the slate. This included the Donks WOO!! trip to Shitty Clipper-land, when an absolutely bizarre OPI call seemingly killed a potential game-winning drive.  But full credit to

Another Blankety-Blank International Break JV NFL Only Open Thread

DFO overlords are glad I didn't say "fuck off, cunts" in the title.  But seriously...fuck off, cunts.  We need a full day of all varietals of footy!  Especially with this rather dire JV NFL slate.  But as usual, the world don't care what we need, especially what Hippo need. Northwestern at