Better Know A South American Euros Participant – Chile

After penning an ode to Los Donkeyfuckers earlier this week, I had a bit of trepidation Googling "VICE news Chile" - alas, it doesn't seem like La Roja are famously into boning livestock.  I'm sure my college drinking buddy Rodrigo will be heartbroken. Fun story about Rodrigo - at his 2nd wedding,

Better Know A South American Euros Participant – Colombia

Hi, everybody.  It's King Hippo, bringing you news of Most Glorious South American Euros.  Today's preview involves the beautiful, peace-loving nation of Colombia, where the national team is called Los Cafeteros - because certainly, when one thinks of Colombian exports, one always thinks coffee. You may remember them from the last World

2019 NCAAT 1st Round Thursday – Early Window Open Thread

Huzzah for life distractions! #10(E) Minnesota (+5.5, +210) v. #7(E) Louisville (12:15, CBS) Don't bet the over/under on "Minute Man" Pitino crowd shots.  You don't want to die of liver failure this early in the tourney. #14(E) Yale (+6.5, +250) v. #3(E) LSU (12:40, truTV) Oh, the taeks about these fine, upstanding, future white

Better Know A Bracket – 2019 East and West (i.e., the Left)

Welcome to this year's edition of me spouting off my mouth recklessly and stupidly.  Due to the generosity of the #ContentFairy (no ofence), we are smushing these into two entries this season.  Yes, the play-in games are covered here to keep you on-schedule. Also yes, I fucking know that Eastern Washington