Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week 5, 2019 Season

The best one can really ever expect out of this piece of shit life is a mixed bag.  Thusly, I found out (having to run an annoying parenting errand) that I could NOT get the satellite broadcast of my Donks continuing to shitcan King Laserface, but instead was stuck listening

“Please Go Away, Summer” 5 Oct 2019 Lesser Footy Open Thread

I am starting this riposte during a 3 Oct continuing legal education seminar.  Today's predicted high in Wake County, North Cakalaky, is 97 muthafuckin' degrees.  I am seriously about to lose my mind.  Watching cold, rain, and wind in Northern Europe?   Helps a little, but also sooooooo jelly.  This is a

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week 4, 2019 Season

Heidy-ho, it's a glorious Monday morning with a sense of order returned to the universe.  That's right, Most Glorious el beisbol Cardinals have won the National League Central, and will make the playoffs relevant again.  Thank you, Jack Flaherty. But what of Donks WOO!!!??  Well, they sure tried hard again!  Our Equine

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week 3, 2019 Season

My oh my.  Sunday was a fine September day indeed.  As a preliminary matter, I sweated my balls off through the fourth consecutive 1-run win by mah beloved, Most Glorious el beisbol Cardinals in Wrigley.  First such sweep since 1921.  But you come to hear of the footy, and there was some quite

Falling Down The Stairs Of Your Lesser Footy

I'm not really good - good at at all, really - with themes.  But fuck me, do I love this song.  Let it take us into 21 September 2019: NBCSN wants your ass up early with Foxes/Spurs at 7:30.  It's an interesting matchup, for sure.  I will try to make it

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week 2, 2019 Season

Sometimes, everything sucks all at once.  This was my sportsball weekend.  Thanks for showing me you can get darker, Darkest Timeline. Did you know that Stephen Gostkowski missed TWO extra points yesterday?  I mean, the P*ts still won 43-fucking-0, so maybe it escaped your attention.  Shit, even if you took all

JV NFL Sabado Open Thread

Alas, no Lesser Footy (outside the minor league/GAMBLOR realm).  Doggone international breaks make my arse chafe.  But we have a reasonably decent September slate to keep one sane-ish. Cincinnati (+16) at Theeeee Ohio State (Noon, ABC) As much as we would all like to see JV WKRP do a thing...I wouldn't bet