28 December JV NFL Preview

More balls will be footed today, huzzah! Purdue (+3) v. Auburn, Bring Back Faith Hill Bowl (Nashville, TN - 1:30, ESPN) The nation watches as Purdue Pete tries to win one MOAR for Cancer Boy.  Unfortunately, the SEC West - much like cancer - always wins in the end. West By God Virginia

Boxing Day Open Lesser Footy Thread

Rejoice, for the Merry Brits are bringing the sport lumber today! NBCSN has a quardruple-header, starting with Fulham/Wolves (NOW, nil-nil as the second half gets under way).  This is followed by a terrible Bardodes at Redshit fixture (10:00), then two pretty decent ones - Brighton/Arsenal (noon), and Chelsea/Watford (2:30). Of course 10:00

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week 15, 2018 Season

The calm before the storm, maybe?  If Week 15 felt a little anti-climactic, that is because it was so. But although an expected outcome in just an average-played game...CONGRATULATIONS to the NFC North Champion Bearistocrats!  Twas a combination of effective defense, and solid quartered backing, which is absolutely the Chi**** script.  As

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week 12, 2018 Season

Delight of delights, the Yinzers finally ran out of dumb luck, and my Donks served as the direct beneficiaries!  Much like a certain annoying JV fixture one day earlier, Denver established the run - against an aggressive but overall just mediocre defensive front seven - and stuck with it.  When

Lions and Bollo-Free Bears, Oh My!

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all.  Welcome to installment one of today's carnival. Chi**** (-3) at Detroit (12:30, CBS) We have replaced Bollo de la Verdad with sommet called Chase Daniel.   Yeah, I bet you did notice.  Somehow, this only moved the line 1.5 points, which I think vastly understates how key a