Titans Are 6-6: Are Aliens Involved?

Since the birth of civilization in Greece, the power of intellect has defined human endeavors. But equity is a universal force; thus, extraterrestrials gave pyramids and abstract thought to non-European ancients. If otherworldly folks gave Egyptians and Incas a leg up, how can anyone dispute that they've helped NFL inferiors like

Raiders at the Bye: A Capital Idea!

INT. MASTER BEDROOM - NIGHT In a modern and tasteful master bedroom, a suburban couple lays comfortably in bed.  The wife - JESSICA McCLOUGHAN - is watching How to Get Away With Murder on a large television set mounted to the wall, while the husband - SCOT McCLOUGHAN - is fiddling

This Little Piggy Went 8-8: Your Bills Bye Week Update

The Bills are 4-5 at the bye week. That's your update. Normally, I would give a pseudo-humorous recap of the ups and down of the season so far, filled with hilarious swear words and celebrating the pleasure-pain that is the Buffalo Fan Experience. There would be some mention of the many injuries sustained (notably the

Bye Week Update: New England Patriots

The New England Patriots head into their bye week with the best record in the NFL at 7-1. They are better than your favorite team. Their quarterback has an infinitely better life than yours. Their fans remain insufferable as hell. They once drafted a murderer. And despite the sheer annoyingness

Today, We Are All Ratbirds: A Post-Bye Ravens Cry For Action

With the Arizona defeating the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday Night Football, the Cardinals have clinched a playoff birth and sit with a magic number of one to clinch the NFC West title. Having already accomplished their third consecutive 10-win season, locking down the division is especially important as, playing second (or

Vikings Bye Week Update. At the Quarter Mark.

Well sir. This feels about right. A nice mediocre .500 start and the Vikings appear to be gaining some traction. I refuse to acknowledge the opening late night game because it didn't happen. I like to think that the Vikings all spent the night before partying West Coast style and the