Your “I’m Tired Of Waiting” Sunday Evening Open Thread It's a holiday weekend in Canada, and I've got nothing much to say because I may or may not be casually liquored. There's a smorgasbord of everything tonight. Tonight's sports: NCAA: Miami vs. LSU - 7:30PM | ABC / TSN3 from Jerry World, Arlington, TX MLB: Angels at Astros - 8:00PM |

Your “I Don’t Care If The Money’s No Good” Saturday Evening NCAA Football Thread But I'm guessing the players might. Enough of that commie Libtard stuff - ARE YOU READY FOR ANOTHER SEASON OF EVERYONE FELLATING 'BAMA?! Tonight's sports: NCAA: Cincinnati at UCLA - 7:00PM | ESPN / TSN2 Michigan at Notre Dame - 7:30 PM | NBC   Louisville vs. Alabama - 8:00PM | ABC / TSN3

Your “Quick & Dirty Because I’m Slow & Dirty” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Sorry - the pre-school year meetings took more time than I thought, so if this is published on time please forgive the errors. NFL News: Aaron Rodgers got paid! It's a four-year, $134 million extension, and contains a record $57.5 million signing bonus and will earn more than $80 million by March

Your “Does It Mean More Bye Weeks Too?” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Larry Fitzgerald is one of three Arizona sports stars to be a part of John McCain's funeral & final "fuck you" to Donald Trump. Fitty going to be speaking at the service, and former Diamondback Luis Gonzalez & former Coyote Shane Doan will be pallbearers. He has spent

“What The Hell Have I Paid For?” – A Seattle Seahawks Preview

I'm not supposed to be here. The Seahawks are normally Beastmode Ate My Baby's domain, and I know what's good for me. You'd normally find him here, but he's off working on the Foo Fighters tour as Pat Smear's personal roadie, so it's fallen to me to enter where others fear to

Your “What Did You Think Would Happen?” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Well, that was quick: former Bengal George Iloka has signed with the Vikings. It's a one-year deal, terms undisclosed. Mike Zimmer was his DC with the Bengals before leaving for the Vikings himself. AJ McCarron has been limited in practice due to a bruised collarbone. It was feared broken,

Your “Oh Right, Waiting IS The Hardest Part” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: After a penalty-filled game against the Swaguars, Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said the new helmet rule "will cost people jobs". When reached for comment, his special assistant had this to add: In news that will shock... SHOCK you, and possibly revive Crimebeat!, Richie Incognito has been arrested again.

Your “I Guess Preseason Gets Exciting Next Week?” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The Bengals have released safety George Iloka. Iloka is due $5.3 million in salary and roster bonuses this season, and it appears GM & Cincinnati local playhouse Scrooge Mike Brown would prefer to pay their second-round rookie Jesse Bates instead. Iloka has his own sanguine outlook: In a

Your “I’ll Pluck You!” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: It might be early, but the Packers defence is already half-done for the year: Jake Ryan is out for the season with an ACL tear. Immediate replacements are rookie Oren Burks, the team's third-round pick of the 2018 NFL Draft, and second-year pro Ahmad Thomas. They may also wait