Your July 4th Evening Parade Open Thread

Whether your parade is more German than Sesame Street, or more North Korean than Japanese puppet, I hope all the Commentists are having a nice evening with friends, family, or favorite bottle. As you eat tonight, remember that Joey Chestnut won today's Nathan's contest with 71 eaten. If you recall, I once ate a dozen at

A Slapdash Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Apologies for the stuntedness, but real life threw up some obstacles today. Besides, with July 4th on Friday, it doesn't appear anyone at the league is working real hard. NFL News: Kareem Hunt has gone from shoving women to shoving cops. There are claims this was just something between friends that

Your “First Day of Summer School” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

Today was the first unofficial day. My job is intake assessment & academic advising. Classes actually start next week; by then I'm on vacation & don't care what Chainsaw does to their teacher. NFL News: Because it's the 100th NFL season, the Hall of Fame is on the verge of announcing

Your Canada Day All Music Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Fuck All Going On. The long weekend ends in the morning, but for now it's nothing but the music of the Home & Native Land! 152 years and she barely looks it! Tonight's sports: CFL: Argonauts at Roughriders - 7:00PM | TSN / ESPN+ MLB: Cubs at Pirates - 7:00PM |

Your The Night Before Winning The Lottery Sunday Evening Open Thread

Today was the first of two major sport free-agent negotiation windows. The NBA's started today, and the salary cap for the NBA this year is $109.14 million, up seven million from last year. Negotiations could officially begin as of 6:00PM ET today. Before I left for the ballpark to get

Your Saturday Evening Staff Party Open Thread

Help - I'm being held hostage at a end-of-year school staff party. It's nothing but vegetarian lasagna, quinoa salad, and "eww - this has meat in it?" It's also the first time I get to meet a co-worker's "partner" who is really into macramé & definitely not into showering. As you

Your “In All Thy Sons Command” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The only major NFL news of the day is about the Tyreek Hill hearing with the NFL's investigation team. This is in response to police being called to Hill's home twice in March when Hill's 3-year-old son suffered a broken arm. The meeting took about eight hours. And Mike

Your “It’s A Long Way Coming Down” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: The Bengals curse lives on: first-round pick Jonah Williams will miss all of 2019 with a torn labrum & surgery to repair same. As noted by Mr. Ayo in last night's open thread, this is but the latest in what appears to be a clear pattern of fragile

Your “Things Could Be Worse” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Joe Theismann has things to say about [Redacteds] draft pick, QB Dwayne Haskins. Mostly, that Jay Gruden should take the Patrick Mahomes route because of how tough Washington's schedule is this year, given that they start on the road against Philadelphia, versus the Cowboys, then Bears, at the

Your “It’s Not Stealing; It’s A Homage” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: Gerald McCoy is taking it personally that the Bucs gave his #93 to Ndamukong Suh.   "Them giving the number away, that's their prerogative, but the respect they showed. It would be different if it was a guy who signed four or five years. This is a one-year deal." He

Your “I Can’t Believe I Haven’t Used This Yet” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Seems like it's going great so far: Giants #1 pick Daniel Jones was booed at Yankee Stadium yesterday. He laughed it off, saying the best way to make them be quiet will be to perform well on the field. Taking it personally? Giants GM Dave Gettleman, who sounds