Your “Dreams & Schemes” Saturday Evening Open Thread

Congrats everyone - we made it to the weekend. Not a lot going on this weekend on the Beerguy front. Just trying to keep the doggies cool during the mini heat wave we're experiencing up here. Billy Idol actually played up here during Spring Break. It's now "Billy Idol and Steve Stevens", and

Your “Throwing Darts at the Sports Channels” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Proof that the NFL has access to my location: moar Seahawks news   The Seahawks have terminated the contracts of Doug Baldwin & Kam Chancellor due to failed physical designations. Chancellor was expected, as he famously refused to retire, and collected $6 million against the cap last year. Baldwin was

“It’s An Abomination!” – A NHL Conference Finals Preview

From a first round that made no sense to a second round that featured some of the best overtime games in the league's history, the NHL Playoffs, 2019 edition, have sure been awash in tension and emotion. BUT ENOUGH OF THAT SENTIMENTAL BULLSHIT! It's time to talk about the third round. Carolina vs.

Your Hastily Conceived Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Sorry for the quality - we were short-staffed at school, and I could only put things together in chunks. NFL News: Overly conceived: Sean McVay says he was "over-prepared" for the Super Bowl. He claimed he spent the first week before the game watching every Patriots 2018 game, plus their Super

Your “Cool Dad vs. Actual Dad” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: Tuesday at midnight marks the end of the compensatory pick portion of free agency. Meaning that, after tonight, teams losing players to free agency no longer get compensatory picks as a result of that loss, and teams signing players don't lose picks. Which then means that some players

Your Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: Years of defending the Patriots opposite Tony Dungy have paid off for Rodney Harrison, as he was fan-voted into the Patriots Hall of Fame. He will receive the honour at a likely NBC televised games later this year. The Panthers' Hall of Fame will also be increasing its

Your “Hold On A Minute There, Player!” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: Another day, another Chief's one-day retirement contract: Middle Linebacker Derrick Johnson He was a KC first-round pick back in 2005, and was on the team until March 2018, when he was cut. He played six games with the Raiders, which likely convinced him to retire. He retires as

Your Taco Tuesday Evening Open Thread NFL Nuggets: Looking for answers, DE Ziggy Ansah is meeting with the Seahawks. He needs a place to work, and they need to plug the hole left by the Frank Clark trade. He's also four years older than Clark & coming off a surgically repaired shoulder, which likely means Pete