“It’s All Gone Wrong, Pete & John” – The Seahawks Try To Bolster Their Lines (Part 6): Draft Night (Part 2)

Ext. The Seahawks draft room, Renton, WA. Previously: John Schneider and Pete Carroll are arguing over TV channels when John Schneider decides he's had enough and makes a surprising phone call.... A frightened intern hands John Schneider a telephone while Pete Carroll retreats to speak with the head of security. Pete Carroll: (whispering

Your “Why Would He Want To Leave?” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: Looking to prevent him developing an itch to scratch, Alabama put academics to the fore and gave Nick Saban an extension through 2024, raising the amount they're paying him to $65 million over the life of the deal. That includes a $4 million signing bonus for 2017, taking his

Your “DFO Super Bowl Hate Week Extra Day” Monday Evening and also Tuesday Morning Open Thread

2017 Fade in:  Int. Buffalo Wild Wings, Wichita, KS, 9:30 pm. Patrons stare at the screen, in disbelief or joy at what they had just witnessed. Under the table Winston's feet made convulsive movements. He had not stirred from his seat, but in his mind he was running, swiftly running, he was with the crowds

Your “DFO Super Bowl Hate Week” Thursday Evening Open Thread

So, it's time to talk about the Demon King. Sorry. I meant Roger Goodell, not the monster that occupies his soul. I decided to save the League's shittiest shitweasel for tonight, because I wanted to attempt a special FJM/KSK-style takedown to his "State of the League" 45-minute address from Wednesday night, using what