Your Saturday Evening Open Thread

Last Saturday, I introduced you to the venerable Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver's finest concert venue. In the comments, a question was asked - "Hey Beerguy, why you no mention any Canadian bands you saw there?" Well, the short answer is that I usually went to the Commodore for visiting acts. There

Boots On The Ground – “The Summer of 50” Part 2: How To Create A Liquor & Golf Vacation

In Part 1 of the series, I covered how to create a veneer of respectability around an event by giving it a title. In this part of the story, we cover the trip to Scotland and the accompanying whisky tastings. As for the whisky tours, that planning started back in April

Your “Come Down & Waste Away With Me” Saturday Evening Open Thread Hello, new Commentists. I'm Beerguyrob, I post the odd article from time-to-time, and I usually have something to do with non-gameday Open Threads. During the week I tend to keep things focused on football, although I like to throw my History degree into the mix once in a while, and sometimes