Rams Stadium Update Pt 2: Inglewood. Still Up to No Good.

It has been awhile since I brought you the first LA Rams Stadium update and I figured it was about time we head on back to Inglewood to see how the development was going. So I took it upon myself as both your intrepid reporter as well as the DFO

We aren’t in Le-High anymore.

Current DFO Clubhouse before the Puerto Rican money rolls in. The Commentists are all sitting around drinking their favoUrite libations and imbibing their narcotic of choice when suddenly there is a knock on the door. Through the marijuana haze MTWV peers through the window and falls back asleep. LITRE COLA :I guess

Commentist Beer Barrel: Boots on the Ground – San Diego International Beer Festival 2017

Ladies, Gentlemen and Beings of Inconceivable Horror, welcome to yet another guest edition of the Beer Barrel without Make It Snow. I am Low Commander of the Super Soldiers and much like Mattingly's sideburns, you just can't get rid of me. But fear not, for I have an extra special edition

Boots on the Ground – entropy Visits His Local Chili Cook Off

Hey folks, and welcome from the aftermath of the Lehigh Valley Chili Cook Off, held just offshore of the majestic Lehigh River, near these monstrosities: These giant industrial beauties are what remains of the once-proud Bethlehem Steel plant, and they used to produce a truly inspiring amount of local pollution so

Boots on the Ground: NASCAR Auto Club 400

As many of you know, I was born in Mexico.  Therefore,  I'm obligated to love auto racing. Them's the rules. You may or may not also know that I love me some NASCAR.  Unfortunately,  I've never been to a live race.  Until this weekend. I have a buddy at work that

25 Questions About The NFL From A Barely Interested Former “Fan”

In case you were interested, no I did not buy the Groupon from last week. Now that I know that tWBS lives within miles of Adam and Eve HQ, there is no need.  That will, I'm sure, also come in handy during our adventures in the desert. Stay tuned. This week,

NFL Conference Championship Preview

НФЛ Конференция Чемпионат Превью Here at DFO, we are proud to be a multi-national worldly bunch.  We live in countries other than the United States, we were born in countries other than the US, and we have extensively traveled to countries other than the US.  What we have found is that

[DFO] So Cal Meetup: The Bruery

Because we apparently cannot get enough of each other, the [DFO] So Cal branch will be sponsoring a field trip to one of the area's finest brewers of beer, known simply as The Bruery. The Bruery has been featured twice in the Beer Barrel, and although I have not personally

Facts vs TV: The Green Bay Experience

DFO Note:  Our own Jerry Was A Shogun Named Marcus was kind enough to brave the elements and his team not doing as well as he hoped to bring us a slice of the Green Bay Lambeau Field experience!  If I haven't figured out how to give him credit for

Boots on the Ground: NFL Game Day Experience. Saints at Chargers. Defense Not Required.

Periodically, we here at DFO will be bringing you actual game day experiences from our visits to real live NFL games. NOBODY ELSE DOES THIS! I decided that in addition to giving you a full report on the game and the full trip that I'm also going to be giving