2017 Quotables – Week 15 Results

Banner Image from Pinterest.  What? Screw you.  And yes, he is a big ol' meathead. Buenos días, damas y caballeros. Your usual consigliere de Quotables has decided that you all deserve his entertainment but not his judgment. So you're stuck with me. Boo fucking hoo. This week's submissions here. You'll note not all

Chicago Bears 1967 Season Preview

Well, sports fans, last season was quite a disappointment for the Chicago Major League Baseball club's big brothers, as they plodded their way to a 5-7-2 record, finishing a dismal 5th place in the NFL West despite nearly scoring that magical number of 17 points per game. They even lost

Inside the Bear Den

SCENE: Two large(ish) men speak in hushed tones as the walk the rough and tumble streets of Lake Forest, Illinois. They appear prepared for a long journey, massive backpacks hugging their muscular bodies. Both carry flashlights despite the sun beaming down from its peak height. And on their hips are

Booth Review

/intercom buzzes SECRETARY: Mr. Berson?  Your 9am is here. DAVID: Ugh, Samantha, I asked you not to interrupt me. :fidgets: How long has he been waiting? 15 minutes? Make him wait 3 more and then send him in. /looks down under his desk And you are going to have to hurry up if you


  Scene: Exterior, late morning on a crisp, unseasonably warm December day in DC. An exciting weekend of football has been completed, as long as you can find "excitement" in missed field goals/extra points, a snowy Bears-49ers game that saw two NFL teams fail to complete a pass in the first quarter

Quoth the Ginger

With apologies to Edgar Allan Poe, JJFozz, and actual writers/poets/intellectuals everywhere   Once upon a season dreary, while owners pondered, meek and bleary- Eyed, thumbing through the ratings from the week before—     The Shield's keepers, focused on accounting, were ignoring a sudden tapping, As if some one gently rapping, rapping on the windows of

The Sun Sets in the West

It's a majestic day in Los Angeles. The sun glints off the glass of the Beverly Hills Plaza Hotel, renown for its plush terrycloth bathrobes and hospitality for reporters doing profiles of enigmatic pop stars. Gracefully but unobtrusively, a young man walks in with a hat and sunglasses in an