Offseason Diversions: Euro 2016 and Copa América Centenario Open POSTS and Thread

Mandatory minicamps start by mid-June. In the meantime, IT’S THE EURO AND COPA CENTENARIO! The U.S.A is hosting the Copa and already teams are dissing the travel arrangements. Are you gonna take this from invading Peter Kings? Many are leftists. Or are WE, COMMENTISTS, GONNA POST SOMETHING ABOUT IT!1!1 As humans, the

Commentist Beer Barrel: Breakfast of Champions

You can probably use your fingers to count the genuinely distinctive beer styles invented here in the United States, even if you're Jim Abbott. American brewers have shown a terrific facility for re-invention, for better (American IPAs!) and worse (the "great pilsner taste" of Miller Lite!). New ideas are fewer and farther