The BattleBots Beaties: Because Senor Couldn’t Come Up with a Better Name

Welcome to the second [DFO] BattleBots Awards! With the rebranding this season of the BattleBots Beat, we (I) decided that we needed something cleverer than the generic "BattleBots Awards." But all the good fasteners were taken (the Giant Nut and Bolt by BattleBots, the Giant Screw was a thing that

Your “Giant Nuts on the Table” Friday Evening Open Thread

Evening, lizard people. I'm hijacking the Friday evening open thread tonight because tonight's gonna be a fun night of sports. Well, for me. Well, if I didn't have dress rehearsal for a concert tomorrow night. (It's 27 minutes. And 25 of those minutes you're waiting for a cadence. Also we will

Your “TWO Tiebreakers?!?” Monday Afternoon Open Thread

The baseball regular season is over and we have our ten teams playing in the postseason. And the American League is nice and cut and dry. Everyone here except for Ian, Horatio, Fronk (I think), Herodotus (I think), and I will be rooting for the Dirt Raiders come Wednesday in

BattleBots Beat: We Are the World, We Are the Fighting Robots

Welcome back to the Beat! Last time out, we had Tombstone and Bronco join Bite Force in the lofty realm of 4-0 robots. We had Warhead's longtime spinning dome break. The same dome that did this! (Fight starts at 3:45) And that fight, due to the damage to Nightmare, led to

New York Jets 2018 Preview, or Your Idiocy Tries to Escape the Underworld

It's that time of year, where leaves fall on the ground, a once-in-a-generation hurricane hits somewhere (this time Hawaii!), and you briefly think "Hey, maybe the Jets'll suck less than expected!" And sure, maybe they will! There are quarterbacks who aren't Josh McCown, so that's something. Not that McCown's had a