Quick Picks in the Underworld

Even if it's the day of The Big Game ©®™, that doesn't mean we can't have last-second picks, right? And it just so happens that due to busy-ness I haven't come calling to visit Hades. I missed the Professional Bowl party this year and everything because I was working! So without

And Now, Time for a Holiday Game

So I posted a mention about this earlier in the Friday afternoon thread, but as it is now officially the "Christmas season," as opposed to your local drug store which has had Christmas decorations and candy out since Labor Day or so, it is time for something that I found

A BattleBots Beat Halloween Special: Conquering the Reaper

Welcome to a very special BattleBots Beat vignette for Halloween. For your enjoyment, but hopefully not for your pleasure, because eww, we bring you this tale of a plucky underdog doing anything and everything to try and shock the world. We call this story, "Conquering the Reaper."* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89LYj3d1jCw "6… 5… 4… 3…" "Bombshell's