BattleBots Beat: Break Stuff

Hi everyone, and welcome back to the Beat! Last time out we saw dueling flippers with drastically different outcomes, as Hydra used gravity to break WAR Hawk into its separate components while Bronco debuted and got shredded by Bite Force. Plus we saw HyperShock decapitate Monsoon and Skorpios double-decapitate Sidewinder.

BattleBots Beat: Oh Yeah…

Welcome back to the Beat! Last time, Witch Doctor played American air hockey, Shatter! came down upon Wan Hoo's head, even if they didn't make sure they were dead, and Whiplash tanked Son of Whyachi enough to flip it over. This week we have a continuation of changing partners, many

BattleBots Beat: Family Feud

First off, Louie Anderson is my Family Feud host if not just for this: And he's still alive, which is both surprising and heartwarming. Second off, welcome back to the Beat! Last time out, the floor winning became a meme, Tombstone slashed SawBlaze, and Nelly the Ellybot tasted the rainbow, motherfucker. This

BattleBots Beat: Two For One

Hello, and welcome back to the Beat! Last time out, DUCK! laughed at Bombshell while getting some sweet revenge, Shatter! lost its head, BattleBots went full fucking Beyblades, and I learned you can't embed video directly onto the site but in my defense I am finishing these at an ungodly