“Oh, the Misery Continues!”: Browns at the Bye

(That was an actual quote by Sam Rosen during Jets-Browns. It was not a power-play goal.) Oh, speak to me, o Muse… because you're still mad at me for invoking you for the preview of this god-forsaken excuse of a sports team. I said I was sorry, can we edit that

2017 Starting Quarterback Songs!

First up, good news. If you don't know by now, being on a football humor site and all, the start of the season is tomorrow! Yes, real football! That means something! Can you believe it? While we've been waiting for real football, my baseball-watching hours (and they are numerous… hey, stop

Inferno (Or, Your 2017 Browns Preview)

O, speak to me, o Muse! Please take my mind And offer me assistance for this tale. Through you, I hope to join ven'rable kind. I tell of city not of fair, but fail, And cursed, it seemed, 'til King reclaimed his throne And for a shining moment, did prevail. With title claimed,

1967 AFL Season Preview

In honor of Anniversary Week, the good folks of the [DFO] writing staff have looked through the years—nay, decades—of lost misplaced #content in search for articles that may have gone by the wayside. Yes, we've always been here, Mr. Torrance. You've already seen Shogun's discovery, and here's an article before

Your “No, We’re Not Gonna Do F***in’ Stonehenge!” Wednesday Night Open Thread

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAXzzHM8zLw Tonight and tomorrow night are Manhattanhenge, a twice-yearly phenomenon (once in the spring, once in the summer) where the setting sun aligns perfectly with the Manhattan street grid. It looks something… like-a this. It's enough of a nerdy curiosity that it's right up my alley! So of course I've never successfully