Copa América 2019 Team Preview: Japan

Yes, lizard people, we're covering the Copa América, the CONMEBOL South American lesser footy federation's championship, where 12 teams will square off to be the best in South America. Which is why I'm covering Japan today. Yes, this makes total sense. (Ron Howard: "It didn't.") Interestingly the non-South American teams that normally

BattleBots Beat: Your 2019 Preview!

Hi there, lizard people. It's been a while, hasn't it? But the summer's here, and with it, large robots that would maul your face, legs, or anything else. That's right, it's another season of BattleBots, and with it, another season of the BattleBots Beat! So, I don't have anything to recap

House of Pain: X Gonna Give it to Ya

Motherfucker… it's not… a fucking… game. So around October or so, which tells you how long this has been waiting in the wings, THIS finally came in from the Heatonist website. Yes, House of Pain is back, even though Senor's laptop still goes unreplaced (seriously Senor, how hard is it) and there is