Your NLCS Game 3 Open Thread

/gets called into DFO backroom/dungeon Balls: WHAT? Mysterious Hooded Figure holding a beer: Dude,  WTF? Balls: WYTAW? Mysterious Hooded Figure holding a blunt: What day is it today,  asshole? Balls: Uh, Friday? MHFH a beer: Seriously? Balls: Wednesday? MHFH a blunt: FFS, it's Monday!! As in MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!?!? Balls: You guys know I don't like the NFL, right? MHFH

Boots on the Ground! Things to do in Denver When you’re Drunk. Part 1 – The Full Mile High

A couple of weeks ago I took my annual, "Well shit I have to use up some vacation time" vacation. I'm a big baseball fan and I took the opportunity to add another MLB stadium to my "visited" list. I've been to 16 current MLB stadiums along with 5 or

Breakin’ Down the MLB Heart & Hustle Award Winners

Heart - noun  \ ˈhärt \: a hollow muscular organ of vertebrate animals that by its rhythmic contraction acts as a force pump maintaining the circulation of the blood And - conjunction \ ən(d)\: used as a function word to indicate connection or addition especially of items within the same class or type —used to join sentence elements

Your “As I Am An Honest Puck” Tuesday Night MLB All-Star Game Open Thread Yup, that's where I went with the title. Because as I mentioned last year, I did have the fortune to go to the 2008 game, and it was a midsummer night's dream to me. …If you think that joke's bad, wait until I tell you about the piece one of my

Your Even More Hastily Put Together 2017 MLB Recap and Postseason Preview

Yes, I know, I know, it's football season and therefore nothing else matters, and you don't see the Canadian Commentist Contingent doing a hockey post for tomorrow (to my knowledge…), but the least I can do is see this through, right? First question, how did I do? AL East Preseason picks: BOS, TOR,

Boots on the Ground: Hurricane-Moved Games (Basedball Edition)

First things up, hope everyone in the way of all the hurricanes, and it's unfortunate I have to say hurricanes as in plural, is safe and accounted for, with as little stress and property damage and loss as we could possibly hope for. And also the ones on the way.

Your “And It Was the Best Day Ever” Tuesday Night/MLB ASG Open Thread

Well at least for me it was. More after the news. NFL News Subtract one day from all the things I said yesterday! Chiefs promote co-director of player personnel Brett Veach to general manager after former GM John Dorsey parted on mutual terms. Apparently Cardinals coach Bruce Arians had surgery in February to remove

Your “Wait, Is Anyone Doing an MLB Preview?” MLB Preview!

/looks around Nope? I guess I better get to it. /puts on Yankees cap /gets pelted with… rubber chickens? Come on, you guys, I'm worth more than Svengoolie! /gets pelted with whole raw chickens That's better. Anyway, the baseball season starts in a couple hours and resident Master of Sexymonies theeWeeBabySeamus is unable to reprise his duties