Your “FEED ME MORE!” Monday Night Football Open Thread

Scotchy worked hard all weekend on the liveblogs - 2149 comments! - so I thought I'd give him a break and tie tonight's matches into my usual falderal. NFL News: The NFL has filed an appeal of the injunction that's allowed Ezekiel Elliott to remain eligible to play the 2017 season.

Your “Tomorrow Might Not Be Here For You” Thursday Evening Open Thread

Slight scratches or cuff marks...note from wife about snoring...VICTORY! NFL News: Ezekiel Elliott's appeal hearing has finally ended. Under the rules, the arbitrator has five working days to release his ruling. Pressure from both sides is coming to have it decided by Monday. Most of the comments under Schefter's tweet

Your “Well, This Is Awkward…” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The Lions have agreed to pay Matt Stafford $135 million in a five-year extension. That's $27 million per year, or 16% of the team's 2017 salary cap if the rules were strictly followed. It includes a $50 million signing bonus, with a bunch of cap-affecting tricks like bonuses

A TOAST TO BLEERGH: Your 2017 New England Patriots Preview

[INT. - A dark, candlelit dungeon appears slowly in the dim light. A hooded figure sits alone at a rough-hewn wooden table, with stacks of ancient, leather-bound volumes piled high. All of a sudden, a frantic knock is heard through a heavy, wooden door.] SMALLER HOODED FIGURE: My Lord, I’ve found it!

Your “No Problems Here – What Are You Talking About?”

NFL News: Tony Romo will miss Friday's Chiefs-Seahawks game because his son was born last night. Good for him. Little Jones McCoy Romo joins older brothers Hawkins & Rivers in the Romo playpen. I'm guessing the name is a tribute to JERRAL, and an unsilent thank-you for the bonus money

Making Ezekiel: Your [DFO] Law and Fantasy Football Mailbag

By far the most common question submitted this week was about where you should take Ezekiel Elliot in your upcoming drafts.  The second most common question submitted was if it is ethically proper to take Zeke in the draft.   I'll take the second question first:  If you want to

Your “Azathoth Have Mercy!—Light Is Dark and Dark Is Light” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The darkness that enveloped the continent around 10:21 AM Pacific came as news emerged that Roger Goodell had signed a five-year extension to remain League commissioner. As the League is no longer a non-profit entity, details werent disclosed, but two things are certain: His is the only guaranteed

2017 Indianapolis Colts Preview

For your 2017 Indianapolis Colts preview, I had an imaginary conversion with myself.  Enjoy. So the Colts, huh.  Didn't they used to be good? The Indianapolis Colts, né Baltimore Colts, have quite a storied history.  The team began as the Miami Seahawks of the All America Football Conference in 1946 and were