Balls of Steel’s AFL Beat – 2017 Round 22

There is one week left and we are still not sure who among a few teams will make the Eight. It's so nice that it comes down to the final week, isn't it?  Who got eliminated, who clinched, and who is in limbo?  READ ON! Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL

Your “Don’t Want To Say Good Night” Saturday Evening Open Thread

  Well, there's a couple of "games" tonight, featuring "starters" that will "play" almost an entire quarter. Except for the guys who are hurt or facing suspension, which eats up most blog coverage. Game preview: Colts at Cowboys Peeling back the layers of congealed gravy over at Stampede Blue, you find a fan

Your “Second Verse – Same As The First!” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: In a harbinger of what this season might look like, Alex Smith's agent is already talking about where he might end up next year. "Alex is the present, and as good a football player as he is, he's going to have opportunities whether it's in Kansas City or

Your “Maybe Everything Should Be On Tape-Delay” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Ezekiel Elliott's appeal is scheduled for August 29th. And he may have something more credible than the "crazy bitch" defence first alluded to yesterday: Texts involving using a sex tape as blackmail. Separate texts involving false accusations about domestic violence. Harold Henderson, the arbiter who also handled the

Your “People Tell Me That I’m Gonna Lose You” Sunday Evening Open Thread

So, the first weekend of the pre-season ends tonight, with the Seahawks going down I-5 & then onto I-10 to visit some team called the "Los Angeles Chargers" in a stadium named after a business with less credibility than the University of Phoenix. As has been my standard in covering these

Your “You’ve Worked Like Heck To Get The Week In Check” Saturday Evening Open Thread

I hope you got outside, and it was nice where you live. Rain is forecast for Vancouver tonight and into Sunday, and none of us can fucking wait. This goddamned smoke is killing the summer. The last few days have been humid as fuck, and the reflective properties of the smoke

Your not informed, completely biased EPL preview part 1 and Saturday open thread?

As teh real football is about to start. HOWEVAH we have the lesser footy starting as well which I know doesn't concern many of you but perhaps if your small humans have you up early on Saturday mornings you will need to know all of this! Just like last year

Your “How Many Starters Can You Name?” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Jay Cutler wasted no time putting his scent all over the Hard Rock Stadium litter box by purchasing the #6 from previous owner Brandon Doughty. Terms weren't disclosed, but amongst teammates I'm guessing Doughty won't be paying for meal upgrades above the per diem on the road this