Cleveland Browns At Bye (-7)

I trust Hippo is not the only one that will get that joke. So,  true story,  the call was made in the DFO back room for someone to write the Browns midseason/bye update.  Curious and thinking that whoever wrote the preview should write the update,  I asked who wrote it. Turns out

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week 4, 2018 Season

Holy Bananacakes, Batman!  That was (mostly) fun, eh? I say mostly because I swept my early afternoon #HAILGAMBLOR, with dominating $50 ATS wins by the P*ts (boo) and the Bearistocrats! (yay-ish), along with a thrilling $60 ML win by the Pylons that be Striped.  But I also learned what it felt like to score

And Now, A Very Special Musical Number to Celebrate the Cleveland Browns (It is tradition to rise.) Ooooh and sixteen! Ooooh and sixteen! Oh and sixteen! Oh and sixteen! Oh a-and sixteen! Ooooh and sixteen! Ooooh and sixteen! Oh and sixteen! Oh and sixteen! Oh a-and sixteen! Fooooor the city of losing teams, Cleveland. Oh and sixteen! Oh and sixteen! Oh and sixteen! Oh and sixteen! Fooooor the city of losing teams, Cleveland. Oh and sixteen! Oh and sixteen! Oh and


INT. CLEVELAND BROWNS BOARD ROOM, WEEK 14 -- 6:25 A.M. Chief Strategy Officer Paul DePodesta knocks once and enters through the doorway. The room is occupied but eerily quiet for a Thursday morning. His coworkers, General Manager Sashi Brown and Coach Hue Jackson, quietly greet DePodesta as he grabs a chair between

Your “Just Go With The Flow” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The day was filled with Cardinals rumours. Bruce Arians wants out of the desert at the end of the season. Counterpoint: he says he's not leaving. Colin Kaepernick is being considered to replace Carson Palmer. I find it hard to believe they'd go that route with the combo

Hope Clicks Eternal – The Cleveland Browns

As a Vancouver Canucks fan, I realize seasons end long before the team actually stops playing actual games. (I rely on the Packers & Seahawks to give me my dose of crushing playoff failures.) But teams still have to put forward a brave face, lest they end up lessening their

Who Could It Be Now?

EXT. CLEVELAND BROWNS ORGANIZED TEAM ACTIVITIES – BEREA, OH Roster mastermind Paul DePodesta watches OTAs from a golf cart in the shade near the practice field. As players run drills and scripted non-contact plays, DePodesta focuses his attention from prospect to prospect, timing the ladder drill or counting the steps of a dropping cornerback.

Your “Hey, Where’s the NFL?” Thursday Evening Open Thread

Wait?! Why am I writing a Thursday Open Thread? That must mean... Oh no... Dear God... The offseason is partially at hand! What horrors await? Why: Three months of "...and the Browns are on the clock." Six months of waiting for training camps to start. Eight months until the Browns are eliminated from playoff

CrimeBeat! Triumphant Return Edition

Oh men. MEN! I apologize, from the deepest cockles of my heart, for the no-doubt-emotionally-devastating wasteland that your lives have been during the prolonged hiatus of CrimeBeat! But fear not, sinners, for the Right Reverend is here to give you succor. (Note: sorry for the format- doing this from my phone

Your “You Call This A Blitz, Goodell?” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

(Many, many thanks to Low Commander for the photoshop) NFL News: The London games have been announced for the 2017 NFL schedule. So much for continuing the "special relationship": (Week; Date; Visiting Team vs. Home Team; Site) 3 or 4; 9/24/17 or 10/1/17; Baltimore Ravens vs. Jacksonville Jaguars; Wembley Stadium 3

Your “December Is Knucklehead Season!” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

This week marks the first real weekend of pre-playoff action, with more slots being possibly decided. It also marks the first real weekend of teams playing out the string, so woe to those who have tickets to watch one of those. Also - "Race to the Bottom", starring the Browns