BFC’s Fantasy Sleepers

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THE FOOTBALL SEASON IS NIGH! YAAAAAAAAAAY! And with it, fantasy football also starts in earnest. Our very own TrollSoHardUniversity has been tackling fantasy and legal questions like Joe Mixon takes down restaurant patrons, and he will continue to do that throughout the season, until he gets bored, sued, or until Cuntler

BONUS 25 Questions About…

The HALL OF FAME GAME! Balls already banged out this week's edition of 25 Questions About... but this is a special BONUS edition since the Hall of Fame Game is today, it rhymes, it usually sucks, but at least it's football!  Stand by for cromulent musings on the game itself from

Chicago Bears 1967 Season Preview

Well, sports fans, last season was quite a disappointment for the Chicago Major League Baseball club's big brothers, as they plodded their way to a 5-7-2 record, finishing a dismal 5th place in the NFL West despite nearly scoring that magical number of 17 points per game. They even lost

Inside the Bear Den

SCENE: Two large(ish) men speak in hushed tones as the walk the rough and tumble streets of Lake Forest, Illinois. They appear prepared for a long journey, massive backpacks hugging their muscular bodies. Both carry flashlights despite the sun beaming down from its peak height. And on their hips are

The Bachelor: NFL Edition

                  CHRIS HARRISON: Good evening, and welcome to a very special episode of The Bachelor. I'm your host, Chris Harrison, and thank you for tuning in to see if some lucky lads and ladies can find love. And our contestants are very lucky indeed, as they will be vying for the love,

Booth Review

/intercom buzzes SECRETARY: Mr. Berson?  Your 9am is here. DAVID: Ugh, Samantha, I asked you not to interrupt me. :fidgets: How long has he been waiting? 15 minutes? Make him wait 3 more and then send him in. /looks down under his desk And you are going to have to hurry up if you


I don't know if you've heard, but it's Super Bowl (or, if you want to obey the first rule of DFO, Superb Owl) week! Yesterday, Commissioner/Ginger hammer/Megadouche/National Disgrace Roger Goodell did his part to stand before the press and earn his $30 million-ish a year salary by awkwardly chuckling about Hingle