FISHNET: A BoTG Investigation

Author's Note:  I watched a lot of TV when I was a kid.  One of my favorites was old reruns of Dragnet.  For me, Jack Webb's vocal mannerisms as the Joe Friday character are classic, and sometimes even now, that just comes out.  That's what happened here when I sat

Bye Week Roadtrips 2017: Pt I – Miami Dolphins

[Exterior Day, Miami, Florida] tWBS stands and looks across a huge and nearly empty parking lot.  He looks at the slip of paper again, and double checks the address.  Satisfied it is correct, he begins hiking across the lot.  After checking his watch again, he begins to run.  As he picks

Your Official DFO-CON 2017 Announcement Post

AFTERNOON - SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - NONDESCRIPT OFFICE BUILDING INTERIOR [An extremely pale but handsome young man sits at his desk, trying to do anything but work. Sensing a presence behind him, he minimizes his open window to a complicated looking spreadsheet and turns around.] Low Commander: Yeah, so, that'll be done in-- Oh,

MLB Game Day Experience: A Boots on the Ground Special. NLCS Game 4 Cubs at Dodgers.

While I am fully aware that we are mid NFL season and directly in the midst of massive football related content, I felt compelled, nay REQUIRED to make a trip to Dodger Stadium to witness in person Game 4 of the NLCS championship series. Some of you may be very

Sunday Gravy with yeah right – Season Finale (?) – If You Want Gravy, You’ve Got It! Biscuits and Gravy

Before we get started I have a couple of quick announcements: This is the final call to join the Survivor League. Here's the link. If for some reason the link doesn't work the group name is DFO Crack Suicide Squad and the PW is football. Creative! There will be an

Some MLB Talk (AKA, Just how stupid IS tWBS?)

A couple of months ago, I provided a very poorly written MLB preview. Don't feel badly if you don't remember it. I barely remember it either.  In an almost totally unrelated matter, does anyone have a Santa Hat I can borrow this December?             Within the aforementioned preview, I proffered my very

Live from San Francisco: A Super Bowl 50 Update

*TV static crackles* We interrupt this current broadcast to bring you this important breaking news. Our field reporter on the West Coast, the illustrious Beerguyrob, has sent us this disturbing imagery directly from the historic Pier One, in downtown San Francisco. We received it late last night, and after several hours of

DFO Meetup – Karl Strauss, Costa Mesa

Earlier this year, my good friend was hired by Karl Strauss as one of their Brewers. Many years ago he home-brewed, where he produced some pretty amazing creations (the Mojito Pale Ale, an Espresso Stout on par with a Yeti and too many Belgians to count all come to mind)