Your “Love Is A Four-Legged Word” Monday Evening Open Thread Dogs are great. I have much more respect and love for dogs than I do for most humans.  Yes, I stand by that statement. Tonight, live on FS1 beginning at 8pmEST, is the 142nd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.  And you're damn well gonna watch it. Wanna know why you're gonna watch it? 

Goddess II – Episode 2

[Sedona, Arizona, The Following Morning] Leticia (banging on bathroom door):  Hey!!!!  Have you got all your things ready?  The bellhop will be here for our bags soon.  You're already gorgeous anyway.  Hurry the hell up, would you? Vanessa (from inside bathroom):  Almost done.  Just a another minute!!! Leticia:  *sigh* There's a knock at the

DFO University – Drugs 3: An Introductory Course

tWBS:  Good morning, Class. Class (half asleep):  Good morning, Seamus. tWBS:  Hey, that's...  Professor Seamus  to you!!!! Class (fully asleep):  *snoring* tWBS:  OK, fine.  But just so you know, today we're talking about drugs. tWBS:  Oh, now I've got your attention, huh?  But please, save your questions until the end.  And Miss Spears?  Please try

Your Tuesday “There’s No Early Kontent Scheduled So I’m Doing This” Daytime Open Thread

The post-season hangover, both literal and figurative, continues. This post is not meant to be "good", per se.  No Pulitzer nominees are in danger, let's say it that way.  But as we shift to the off-season, we might need to talk about it. P*ts fans specifically, I know you're disappointed.  But get