Your “Aw Crap I Forgot It’s Friday Already” Friday Evening Open Thread

Seriously.  With everything going on around here, I was a day further behind than I thought I was.  I thought it was still Thursday. tWBS:  Hey Ma!  What day is it? tWMS:  It's Friday. tWBS:  Really?  I thought it was still Thursday. tWMS:  That's because you're a dumbass. tWBS:  Thanks Ma.  I guess I better

Wednesday Motivational – Remember The Hard Times

Life is always going to give you some difficult stuff to deal with from time to time.  Yours, mine, everyone's.  And some is more difficult than others.  Just depends on what day it is. Some folks I know try to avoid that aforementioned "difficult stuff" and hope it goes away.  And

Wednesday Motivational – You Are In Charge

Think yourself out of it. That's a big statement, and it's not always easy to do.  I myself have been having some trouble with that lately, truth be told.  But I'm working on it. But it's true.  It really is. How your life unfolds is 10% what happens to you.  And 90% how

Wednesday Motivational – Challenge Yourself

When I was younger I always did what I thought was expected of me.  Both as a child and a young adult.  Believe it or not, I was very shy back then, and not outspoken. I did what I was told...more or less. And don't get me wrong, at this point I'm

Wednesday Motivational – How Ya Living?

Originally I had planned to end this series last week.  But I received an email a few days ago which changed my mind.  It was the second positive email I've received regarding this series of posts. If you can affect two lives in a positive way, it's worth it to keep

Your “Extremely Abbreviated” Friday Evening Open Thread

Fair warning:  You're not getting much out of me tonight. We've been dealing with hurricane stuff around here. I drove down in the middle of it overnight last night to get a friend's daughter to safety. (I know what you're thinking) ((don't say it please)) - In today's version of "That was unexpected".... Both the former tWLS