Your “A Friend In Need Is A Pest” Monday Night Football Open Thread

NFL News: Significant injuries from the weekend: Greg Olsen - broken foot - 6-8 weeks Vic Beasley - torn hamstring - 4-6 weeks If the Falcons season goes to hell as a result, DFO CALLED IT! HODOR - out for Week-3. The NFL was denied an injunction to relieve the

Your “FEED ME MORE!” Monday Night Football Open Thread

Scotchy worked hard all weekend on the liveblogs - 2149 comments! - so I thought I'd give him a break and tie tonight's matches into my usual falderal. NFL News: The NFL has filed an appeal of the injunction that's allowed Ezekiel Elliott to remain eligible to play the 2017 season.

Your “What The Hell Are These?!” Afternoon Bowl Games Open Thread

Seriously, there's too many of these. Anyone who watched last night's Foster Farms Bowl saw a near-empty stadium and a meh football game. Actual attendance wasn't announced, but they did tarp off the 18000-seat upper deck. As always, let's blame Jed York for this failure. I doubt this many fans will attend

Your “I Want Football And Boobs-Not Necessarily In That Order” Friday Night Open Thread

Aren't breasts of all kinds completely amazing in every way? Let me tell you about my latest experience that occurred just hours ago. I was at the grocery store and I was completely blown away by a perfect set. They were sticking out like a sore thumb at the deli

Your “Still High On De Grasse” Olympics Open Thread

That's some garbage newspaper-level punning right there! There's a ton of fantastic sports action going on right now for a guy that may have skipped work to get day-drunk. Here's what's on tap/currently tapping- Badminton, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Boxing, Canoe/Kayak, Cycling, Diving, Equestrian, Gymnastics, Handball, Field Hockey, [takes a deep breath]  Sailing,

Your Sunday Night Football Open Thread

My tv preview thingy tells me that this game is being shown on The NFL Network. This is the game that was chosen to be highlighted for the first Sunday-Nighter of the exhibition season? This game. This game? One of these teams doesn't even exist! Texans/49'ers-After getting kicked to the curb

Your “I Will Love This Lousy Football Out Of Spite!” Friday Night Football Open Thread

Dear Diary: It's been a bit hard summoning enthusiasm for these pre-season affairs. Don't get me wrong-I love football but the second half of these games look like a bunch of anonymous wrestling fans enjoying their day-pass from some anger management facility. The thing is...there's a ton of compelling drama going

Your “THIS IS NOT A DRILL!-The Redux” Thursday Night Football Open Thread

Although his powers of evil are completely capable of making it happen, not even RGshithead (that's Roger Goodell) would cancel six games.  Right? (my glass is half full btw) So here we are-cheering for football itself, our fave teams and most importantly, NO INJURIES. This is who we are, folks.