Your “WOO! – Hockey’s Back!” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Excuse me while I play the Canadian national anthem. NFL News: Dez Bryant has come to the realization that no one loves him, so he might as well go home. Leonard Fournette will not play for the Jags against the Chiefs. His hamstring is still tenuous. The League office finally got

The NFL Solves the Anthem “Problem”

INT. CORPORATE BOARDROOM - DAY ROGER GOODELL: ...and with the anthem becoming such a huge distraction, they told me you might be able to help.  Distract from the distraction, as it were... DARREN ROVELL: Oh, I've got your solution.  Take a look. DARREN ROVELL fires up a projector, as a generic rendition of the

Your “I’ve Got No Mind To Worry” Sunday Evening Open Thread

So, for most people it's the middle day of the three-day Labour Day holiday weekend. Please look forward to the embarrassment Roger Goodell should hopefully feel this week as it's brought out that - which Deadspin discovered late-Thursday - the League may have been specifically hunting Elliott. The NFL’s lead investigator,