Request Line: Eli’s Slumber Party Mixtape – Volume 7 (Pillow Talk)

INT. DARKENED GUEST ROOM AT CASA MANNING - LATE NIGHT VOICE 1: Are you...are you sure this is a good idea? VOICE 2: It's fine. I mean, we're both adults. VOICE 1: Yeah, but...[trails off] VOICE 2: You're worried about what they'll say. VOICE 1: A little bit, yeah. VOICE 2: If they find out. VOICE 1: Yeah. VOICE 2: Honestly, it's none of their business.

Request Line: Eli’s Slumber Party Mixtape – Volume 3 (Getting Together)

EXT. NONDESCRIPT BROWNHOUSE, PARK SLOPE – DAY A woman in a black leather jacket carefully climbs up the front steps, swaying slightly with each step.  In her left arm she carries a massive handbag.  She reaches out with her right arm and extends a finger to push the doorbell, and after

Request Line: Eli’s Slumber Party Mixtape – Volume 2 (D.A.R.E. to Just Say No)

INT. ELI MANNING'S BEDROOM - NIGHT DANIEL JONES removes the set of earplugs that ELI MANNING had provided him with. DANIEL: Hey, that was pretty boss! ELI: [wary of sarcasm] Really? DANIEL: [seemingly genuine] Yeah man, totally. ELI: [smiles bashfully] Yeah, I guess it's pretty cool. DANIEL: [points to the speakers attached to ELI's computer] Let's crank it up some