Overture / It’s a Boy / 1921

INT. BUFFALO WILD WINGS - DAY A grey-haired, thickset older man dressed in a very expensive suit walks to the hostess station at the front of the Buffalo Wild Wings in Mountain View, California.  He smiles absently as the hostess engages in her script about shared seating, and once she has

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INT. SECRET NFL QUARTERBACKS CLUB - DAY The secret NFL quarterbacks club is decorated festively, with mementos from the War on Christmas displayed prominently throughout the otherwise lush interior.  A butler moves throughout the room, topping off the hot mulled wine that is traditionally part of the annual pre-Christmas gathering.  A

F— All Teams, F— All Fanbases

Hi everyone!  Normally, Drew Magary's Thursday Afternoon NFL Jerk Joke Jambaroo runs every Thursday during the NFL season.  But apparently Drew is on injured reserve, so they asked me, Nathan Peterman, to fill in for him.  Don't worry, Drew.  I got this. My microwave broke yesterday evening.  I was heating up

A Cable Car Christmas

Normally Christmas movies are Scotchnaut's beat, but I stumbled upon a seemingly unheard of gem on the NFL Network over the weekend and I wanted to spread its holiday cheer with the fine folks here. The Players: Sara Rue - who you might remember as "Earth Girl" from the nineties teen comedy

DFO Insider: Shelved for Retooling

INT. DFO PRODUCTION OFFICE – DAY A pair of sleazy Hollywood producers are hard at work. One - DARKEST TIMELINE ZACK MORRIS - is inspecting his recent manicure, occasionally frowning at imperfections.  The other - RIKKI-TIKKI-DEADLY - is impatiently peering at a six-pack planter of seedlings. RIKKI-TIKKI-DEADLY: Come on, damn you!  Hurry up

The Devil and Hue Jackson (Part 2)

Part 1 --- "Good morning, Huey Jackson, it's time to rise and grind." The Devil's words come penetratin' into Hue's wrecked mind. So Hue sets down Mike Brown's laundry, cause that's his job these days, In addition to designin' passes for Andy Dalton to throw away. "Wake up, Sunshine!" the Devil laughs. "It's time to break

That’s My Raiders! Tank Time

EXT. OAKLAND RAIDERS SHARED HOUSE – DAY Establishing shot and title card. ANNOUNCER BETH MOWINS: That Raiders Show [sic] is filmed in front of a live student [sic] audience. CUT TO – INT. LIVING ROOM – DAY The music of Further Seems Forever blares throughout the house.  KOLTON MILLER sits on the couch, munching from a