The Dak Prescott Summer of Maturity: Chapter 2

EXT. A ROADSIDE IN RURAL NEW JERSEY - DAY CAM NEWTON, ELI MANNING, DOUG MARTIN, and ANTONIO BROWN stand glumly in front of the wreckage of a black pickup truck. CAM: Okay, so maybe we can't drive... ANTONIO: Maybe we can call an Uber? CAM: None of those asshole drivers will accept a pickup from

DFO Radio: Intros and Outros

One of the downsides to the "digital revolution" that has made albums available at a snap of your fingertips (assuming you've trained your Google assistant or Amazon's Alexa to recognize the gesture) within seconds is that album art is no longer a thing.  The above image is taken from Led

The Dak Prescott Summer of Maturity: Chapter 1

EXT. RURAL SURROUNDINGS - DAY We open with a wide shot of a vehicle parked at the edge of a field.  An orchestral version of a familiar song plays softly.  Cut to a closer shot of the vehicle, then another cut to its interior where we see the NARRATOR (Richard Dreyfus,

Request Line: Stripped Down

INT. RECORDING STUDIO - DAY The PRODUCER and DJ 3000 stand outside the recording studio, gazing into the booth.  PRODUCER: Wow. DJ 3000: I KNOW, RIGHT? PRODUCER: I mean, I'm not... DJ 3000: OH, ME NEITHER. PRODUCER: But if I was.... DJ 3000: OH, YEAH. CRISTIANO RONALDO: Você está pronto para o rock? PRODUCER: [punches talkback button] Oh, you know