Donnie Doesn’t Know

(sung to the tune of "Scotty Doesn't Know") --- Donnie doesn't know that his Paulie flipped And signed off on a plea deal He turns on the TV To the Fox News show But it's just car crashes So Donnie doesn't know Oh Donnie doesn't know-ooo-oh So don't tell Donnie Donnie doesn't know Donnie doesn't know (So don't tell Donnie!) Rudy says there's

That’s My Raiders! Pocket Presence

EXT. OAKLAND RAIDERS SHARED HOUSE – DAY Establishing shot and title card. ANNOUNCER BETH MOWINS: Everybody Loves My Raiders [sic] is filmed in front of a live stereo [sic] audience. CUT TO – INT. LIVING ROOM – DAY The music of Dashboard Confessional blares throughout the house.  KOLTON MILLER sits on the couch, munching from

Request Line: Songs of Hope

INT. RECORDING STUDIO - DAY DJ 3000: ...and ownership wouldn't even tell you who it's going to be? PRODUCER: That's right.  They said it was going to be a special treat, though. DJ 3000: Maybe it's Tombstone! PRODUCER: Don't get me wrong, Tombstone's great, but I don't think he's got enough star power to

That’s My Raiders! The New Class (Your 2018 Oakland Raiders Preview)

EXT. OAKLAND RAIDERS SHARED HOUSE - DAY Establishing shot and title card. ANNOUNCER BETH MOWINS: That's My Ravens [sic] is filmed in front of a live studio auditorium [sic]. --- CUT TO - INT. LIVING ROOM - DAY SUNSHINE COWSER sits on the coach, reading Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" in its original Chinese. 

DFO Radio: Yes and No

Sorry folks, gotta phone this one in cause I've got a Raiders preview to finish writing!                            Hi! If

Request Line: Yes and No

INT. RECORDING STUDIO - DAY. PRODUCER: ...and so I suppose at the end of the day, it's like that familiar saying, "how do we get to yes?" Now throughout this process, you've maintained radio silence. KHALIL MACK: Yes. PRODUCER: You haven't commented publicly at all? KHALIL MACK: No. PRODUCER: Well this is a treat for

DFO Radio: Do Your Job

One of the things I really enjoyed about Max Brooks' novel World War Z was that it took a fictional premise (zombies), set up the ground rules (slow moving unintelligent zombies, virus transmitted by direct contact, killed by headshot) and then tried to extrapolate how society would be affected in

Request Line: Do Your Job

INT. RECORDING STUDIO - DAY We join our regularly scheduled program in progress... PRODUCER: ...but I think it's great that the team kept you on the payroll. JIM MCNALLY: Yeah, well, those ticket stubs aren't going to sort themselves. PRODUCER: No, I suppose that's true.  Unless everything were done electronically, you know, using barcodes

DFO Radio: Ain’t No Party Like A Boat Party Because A Boat Party Floats On

INT. CYBERSPACE - DAY. A sleazy producer opens up a private slack channel. RIKKI-TIKKI-DEADLY: Hey man, thanks for taking over Request Line this week. BRETT FAVRE'S COLONOSCOPY: No problem, it's my pleasure. RTD: So, about publication.  I'll handle DFO Radio, of course, unless you insanely want to do that part yourself too. BFC: Yeah, I'm not