Request Line: Coffee is for Closers

INT. RECORDING STUDIO - DAY PATRICK MAHOMES stands in the office outside the studio, smoking a cigarette. DJ 3000 is near the wall, watching MAHOMES stalking back and forth. THE PRODUCER comes into the room, he folds up a newspaper and drops it on his desk, suggesting he's just been using

DFO Radio: Songs of Hope

Last week, our former President dropped by to lead us in collecting some songs about hope.  I thought it would be a nice, happy, uplifting way to bring Request Line and DFO Radio to a close as the regular season begins.  But then Saturday happened.  So now instead of joining

Request Line: Songs of Hope

INT. RECORDING STUDIO - DAY DJ 3000: ...and ownership wouldn't even tell you who it's going to be? PRODUCER: That's right.  They said it was going to be a special treat, though. DJ 3000: Maybe it's Tombstone! PRODUCER: Don't get me wrong, Tombstone's great, but I don't think he's got enough star power to

DFO Radio: Yes and No

Sorry folks, gotta phone this one in cause I've got a Raiders preview to finish writing!                            Hi! If

Request Line: Yes and No

INT. RECORDING STUDIO - DAY. PRODUCER: ...and so I suppose at the end of the day, it's like that familiar saying, "how do we get to yes?" Now throughout this process, you've maintained radio silence. KHALIL MACK: Yes. PRODUCER: You haven't commented publicly at all? KHALIL MACK: No. PRODUCER: Well this is a treat for

DFO Radio: Do Your Job

One of the things I really enjoyed about Max Brooks' novel World War Z was that it took a fictional premise (zombies), set up the ground rules (slow moving unintelligent zombies, virus transmitted by direct contact, killed by headshot) and then tried to extrapolate how society would be affected in

Request Line: Do Your Job

INT. RECORDING STUDIO - DAY We join our regularly scheduled program in progress... PRODUCER: ...but I think it's great that the team kept you on the payroll. JIM MCNALLY: Yeah, well, those ticket stubs aren't going to sort themselves. PRODUCER: No, I suppose that's true.  Unless everything were done electronically, you know, using barcodes

DFO Radio: Milestones

So I'm back here in Los Angeles after spending the weekend in Austin, and even though the temperature is about the same, the reduction in humidity is making it infinitely more bearable.  Austin is nice, but I don't know how anybody can suffer though that Texas heat for an entire

Request Line: Milestones

INT. RECORDING STUDIO - DAY A human and a sizable slab of electronic equipment sit comfortably outside an empty recording booth. PRODUCER: So I don't know if you knew, but today is something of a special day. DJ3000: ZERO-EIGHT-ZERO-THREE-TWO-ZERO-ONE-EIGHT...[rapidly performs a series of mathematical calculations]...THE SUM OF THE DIGITS IN THE MONTH AND

DFO Radio: The Future

For those who missed my relentless shilling for it and were confused by the structure and content of last week's Request Line, it was an homage to Jon Bois' speculative piece of multimedia fiction 17776. Something about that piece really struck a chord with me.  I read most of it in