DFO Radio: NFL Karaoke

RIKKI-TIKKI-DEADLY: Well, that's a wrap on the offseason.  What did you think, of the NFL Karaoke topic, Mark? MARK DAVIS: IT WAS THE MOST FUN I EVER HAD IN MY WHOLE LIFE! RTD: Yeah, it was pretty great.  Did you have a favorite song? MARK DAVIS: YEAH I LIKE THE ONE THAT TAO-TE-CUTLER

DFO Radio: Percussion

Welcome to another Tuesday edition of DFO Radio!  Last week's Request Line was rushed because I was on my way to a wedding weekend in Montecito.  It was a lovely affair; the bride and groom are lovely people and the only thing anyone could complain about with regards to the

DFO Radio: Adversaries

One storyline that the NFL will relentlessly attempt to promote is that certain teams do not like each other.  Steelers vs. Ravens is the one that comes to mind the most, and it's true.  They are much like a pair of prison gangs competing over the heroin trade.  But it's

DFO Radio: Navigation

Given the avalanche of #kontent yesterday, I held DFO Radio for today.  Let's just say it got lost along the way. Curiously, Mitchell Trubisky kind of blew a hole in his own kharacter by looking rather competent in his debut.  Apparently he has yet to realize what team he's playing for.

DFO Radio: Get Th(rowback W)ee(k) Behind Me

Greetings!  This week, we're very excited to be celebrating our 2nd anniversary of online residence here at doorfliesopen.com.  But people forget that we've actually been producing material for 50 years now.  Our first introduction to the public was via the Communist Party of the USA, after they discovered their newsletters

DFO Radio: He Said She Said

Good day, fine people!  My weekend was marked by getting up early both mornings to watch some of the least compelling tennis you'll ever see.  I'm perfectly happy for the Wimbledon champions, but I just wish things had been more competitive.  The most exciting thing that happened to me over

DFO Radio: He Said She Said

INT.  RECORDING STUDIO - DAY A pair of radio professionals are standing outside the recording booth sipping coffee, awaiting the arrival of the week's guest host.  The [DOOR FLIES OPEN] and a young couple enters the room. PRODUCER: [moves over to greet them] Hey, what's happening, Grimey? BRENT GRIMES: [with a barely detectable measure of

DFO Radio: Some Like It Hot

INT. TRUMP TOWER - DAY. Boxed-in video footage of a conference room.  Several well-dressed men sit around a conference table with their attention focused on a sophisticated middle-aged woman.   NATALIA VESELNITSKAYA: ...and zo you zee, zeeze hacked materials can be of great help to your campaign, da? DONALD TRUMP, JR.: Wow!  This

DFO Radio: A Greening to Remember

Good morning*!  I hope you all had a splendid weekend.  Mine was pleasant enough - I built an outdoor cabinet in 90 degree heat and then went to a pair of barbecues.  Thanks to them only having 1 beer** at the first and me not being able to FIND the

DFO Radio: Superheroes

So apparently Adam West got so keyed up over having a Request Line dedicated to superheroes that he decided to follow Chris Cornell up to the great gig in the sky.  I'm a little too young (sure you are, Rikki) to have watched much of Adam West while he was

DFO Radio: Medical Attention

I thought I'd preface this edition of DFO Radio with a tribute to Vice President Mike Pence, who is expected to spend this weekend recovering in a burn ward. After President Donald Trump announced that the United States would withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, Vice President Mike Pence appeared on