DFO Radio: Winter Wonderland

Like many Americans, I'm a bit obsessed with the implosion of our current White House administration.  So much so that I have attempted to restrict my consumption of political news by only allowing myself to read about it while I'm on the toilet (as I feel a Venn diagram of

Request Line: Winter Wonderland

INT. RECORDING STUDIO - DAY The PRODUCER, portraying a false sense of cheerfulness, flips switches and adjusts levels in preparation for the afternoon's show.  DJ 3000 is still in sulk mode. PRODUCER: So, you're still upset about last week? DJ 3000: ... PRODUCER: Come on, don't be like that.  Fumblesnapskin was a big get

DFO Radio: Divine Intervention

So when I was a little kid, I had very blond hair.  Like, platinum blond.  My brother and sister were the same.  As we got older, our hair got darker, eventually settling into its final color by my mid-twenties.  It was around that time of my life that I was

Request Line: Divine Intervention

INT. RECORDING STUDIO - DAY The booth is empty.  CONNOR, THE INTERN'S desk is vacant, with only a single banker's box of random mementos sitting on top awaiting collection.  The PRODUCER sits in front of the exterior control panel, fiddling with knobs in preparation for the first broadcast of the offseason. 

DFO Radio – Starting With A Bang

At the start of every new year, I wonder how many people float checks with the date of the previous year and don’t get either punched or a crowbar to the gut. (Hey, checks still do the job, as long as the memo doesn’t say “BRIBE”.) My guess is plenty

DFO Radio: NFL Karaoke

RIKKI-TIKKI-DEADLY: Well, that's a wrap on the offseason.  What did you think, of the NFL Karaoke topic, Mark? MARK DAVIS: IT WAS THE MOST FUN I EVER HAD IN MY WHOLE LIFE! RTD: Yeah, it was pretty great.  Did you have a favorite song? MARK DAVIS: YEAH I LIKE THE ONE THAT TAO-TE-CUTLER

Request Line: Karaoke Party!

INT. PRIVATE KARAOKE ROOM - NIGHT A pair of radio professionals are sipping beers in a box karaoke room.  A disco ball spins above and flashing lights abound, but the scene is otherwise quite relaxed. PRODUCER: So this is it.  The last day of your internship. CONNOR, THE INTERN: Yup. PRODUCER: You know, I

DFO Radio: Percussion

Welcome to another Tuesday edition of DFO Radio!  Last week's Request Line was rushed because I was on my way to a wedding weekend in Montecito.  It was a lovely affair; the bride and groom are lovely people and the only thing anyone could complain about with regards to the

DFO Radio: Adversaries

One storyline that the NFL will relentlessly attempt to promote is that certain teams do not like each other.  Steelers vs. Ravens is the one that comes to mind the most, and it's true.  They are much like a pair of prison gangs competing over the heroin trade.  But it's

Request Line: Adversaries

EXT. RADIO STATION PARKING LOT - DAY A vehicle pulls into the lot and screeches to a stop.  The PRODUCER emerges in a hurry, first dropping his keys and then hustling towards the front door. PRODUCER: Shit...shit...shit... Cut to... INT. RADIO STATION LOBBY - DAY The PRODUCER races through the front door and streaks across

DFO Radio: Navigation

Given the avalanche of #kontent yesterday, I held DFO Radio for today.  Let's just say it got lost along the way. Curiously, Mitchell Trubisky kind of blew a hole in his own kharacter by looking rather competent in his debut.  Apparently he has yet to realize what team he's playing for.