Request Line: Holding Out

INT. RECORDING STUDIO - DAY. The PRODUCER is bustling outside the studio, getting everything ready for the show.  A mountainous man sits in the broadcast booth, with a vague smirk on his face. PRODUCER: ...and so you're all set? DONALD PENN: [punches talkback button] Absolutely. PRODUCER: Fantastic.  The commercial break is wrapping up, so

DFO Radio: Get Th(rowback W)ee(k) Behind Me

Greetings!  This week, we're very excited to be celebrating our 2nd anniversary of online residence here at  But people forget that we've actually been producing material for 50 years now.  Our first introduction to the public was via the Communist Party of the USA, after they discovered their newsletters

DFO Radio: Some Like It Hot

INT. TRUMP TOWER - DAY. Boxed-in video footage of a conference room.  Several well-dressed men sit around a conference table with their attention focused on a sophisticated middle-aged woman.   NATALIA VESELNITSKAYA: ...and zo you zee, zeeze hacked materials can be of great help to your campaign, da? DONALD TRUMP, JR.: Wow!  This


INT. RECORDING STUDIO – DAY A young man sits inside a recording booth, looking relaxed and happy.  The PRODUCER is outside the booth, punching buttons and counting off with his fingers.  For once, everything seems to be running quite smoothly.   PRODUCER: Good afternoon, and welcome to Request Line!  We are beyond

Request Line: A Greening To Remember (Part 1)

EXT. STREETS OF CULVER CITY - EARLIER TRENT GREEN sits behind the wheel of a top-end rental car.  His cellphone is sitting inside the cup holder in the console and is connected to the dashboard by a USB cable.  He drives straight down a major thoroughfare, looking curiously at various businesses

Request Line: A Greening to Remember (Part 2)

INT. RADIO STATION LOBBY - EARLIER A man stands in front of the reception desk at KDFO, looking around blankly.  A cheerful young receptionist is seated behind the desk, and she smiles at him. RECEPTIONIST: Can I help you? TRENT: I sure hope so. My name's Trent Green, former professional NFL quarterback. [flashes

Request Line: A Greening to Remember (Part 3)

INT. RECORDING STUDIO - EARLIER A pair of radio professionals and a large piece of electronic equipment are gathered outside the recording booth, both of the humans sipping coffee as they chat aimlessly.   CONNOR, THE INTERN: ...and you can't possibly get any more vanilla than that.  But you've got berry, and... TRENT

Request Line: A Greening to Remember (Part 4)

INT. RECORDING STUDIO - DAY TRENT GREEN sits in front of a microphone, glancing around the room with some trepidation, taking in his surroundings. He reaches up, feeling a set of headphones covering his ears. He glances up to see the PRODUCER tapping on the glass of the studio window. PRODUCER: [through

DFO Radio: Superheroes

So apparently Adam West got so keyed up over having a Request Line dedicated to superheroes that he decided to follow Chris Cornell up to the great gig in the sky.  I'm a little too young (sure you are, Rikki) to have watched much of Adam West while he was

DFO Radio: Superheroes

INT. RECORDING STUDIO – DAY A pair of radio professionals are busy setting up the studio for the afternoon’s show.  Their work is interrupted in a flash of teal as a costumed man dashes through the office.  He is carrying a plastic bag from Savon Pharmacy, in which there appears to be

Request Line: Medical Attention

EXT. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS PRACTICE FACILITY - DAY The camera follows a flashy yellow sportscar with purple trim as it drives through a set of security gates, then through a most empty parking lot before it stops in front of an entrance to a lush set of practice facilities, where a lone

Request Line: Theory of the Mind

INT. RECORDING STUDIO – DAY A pair of radio professionals are standing outside the recording booth.  CONNOR, THE INTERN is looking inside with concern.  THE PRODUCER is pacing with a cellphone held up to his ear.  Inside sits NFL Quarterback TOM BRADY, smiling placidly and rubbing a red spot on his