Post-Super Bowl Free Ballin’ Football Blog and Free Ballin’s Offseason Plans

What’s up, Gen Pop, it’s Bill from the Free Ballin’ Football Collective? We unfortunately don’t have a post-Super Bowl podcast for you this week. Frankly, the four of us are exhausted from having to listen to our Patriots fan friends scream “YOU HATE US CUZ YOU AIN’T US” over text

Championship Sunday Free Ballin’ Football Podcast and Aaron Rodgers’ Family Conundrum

Hey there, GenPop. Well... we're almost done with the season. Sunday features two potential blockbuster matchups, so let's all hope they aren't as disappointing as the Inauguration Concert lineup. We have a great podcast for you today. We cover the Divisional Round games, highlight what to watch in the AFC

Wild Card Free Ballin’ Football Podcast and a Hard Look at the AFC Playoff Quarterback Situation

What's going on, everybody? Hope you all are fully recovered from your NYE hangover because we got some real meaningful football this weekend. That's right, it's the WILD CARD ROUND!!! Unfortunately for all of us, the AFC quarterback situation is... horrific. We talk about it at length on this week's podcast,

Week 16 Free Ballin’ Football Podcast and This Year’s Night Before Christmas Story

[Free Ballin' Football Podcast Collective Editor's Note: I'd be derelict in my duties if I didn't give full credit to Josh for this ridiculously amazing storytime. He's a special one!] ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and across the NFL Not a creature was stirring, except for LeGarrette Blount and Le’Veon Bell There were

Week 13 Free Ballin’ Football Podcast and the Answer to “Is Kaepernick Elite?”

‘Sup Gen Pop? Josh here from the Free Ballin’ Football Podcast. After taking a week off to load up on turkey and beer, we’re back and fired up with takes hotter than Skip Bayless’ leftovers. We’ve got a good show lined up for you this week. We’ll close out week

Week 11 Free Ballin’ Football Podcast with Special Guest DTZM and the Definitive Guide to Fan Narratives

[Editor's Note: This week we had DFO's own Darkest Timeline Zack Morris on the podcast to discuss the founding of DFO and shoot the shit about a bunch of NFL topics. We really appreciate him coming on, it was a great time and hope you guys enjoy it along with

Week 10 Free Ballin’ Football Podcast and Goodell Gets Paid a Visit by an Old Friend

If you’re a liberal elitist, you have had an awful week, and let’s be real you probably are. If you were conservative you’d be over on PFT smearing your boner all over the comment section. At least you get a new podcast today and some smash mouth footbaw tonight to

Week 9 Free Ballin’ Football Podcast and the Odd Tale of A Family Fantasy League

What's going on, everyone? This is Josh from Free Ballin' Football. I'd like to apologize to those of you who read through Bill's novel last week. I’ll try to keep it brief because you all presumably have lives and can’t spend all day taking a shit (I know that’s what