Love me them uprights. Eagles Preview

I have gathered the DFO luminaries Gratliff and WhyEaglesWhy to assist me in breaking down the coming season. Q - How was your summer? Gratliff: I have not seen a sporting event I care about since the Flyers were eliminated in mid-March. I want to die.  WhyEaglesWhy: WELL ACTUALLY, it’s winter here in the Land

¡Vamos peruanos! – Peru team preview.

Hola morning people! Let's start off here, I know nothing of Peruvian football or footballers. What do I know about Peru? They make Pisco which is a fermented grape alcohol that makes a Pisco Sour and is bloody delicious. They have that, and cocaine. I imagine every Peruvian party to be Pisco,

Saturday Morning Footy – Open Thread

Good morning commentists wherever you are in the frozen northern hemisphere! This Premier League season has been a roller coaster of emotions for me as my beloved London Jaguras have been absolutely terrible this campaign. They've allowed 53 goals in 24 games. I am not a mathlete but that is not

Grease up the poles! Eagles Season Preview.

Hi there, how is it going? When we last wrote about the Eagles the date was November 14th 2017, You see ole Nick was far too talented to stay in Philly so he had to head out and see the world so he plied his trade in St. Louis for RAMMIT

Your completely biased Lesser footy EPL preview.

Those were my seats the last time that I saw premier league football live at Craven Cottage.   It's that time of year again commentists, futbol is kicking off! I'm aware that Mr. Balls and others dislike the EPL but it's what's on my teevee on Saturdays and the good La Liga

Is this thing done yet? – World Cup Tuesday Open thread

Photo is of Ottmar-Hitzfeld Stadium in Switzerland 2000 m above sea level. taken from This truly has been quite the remarkable World Cup thus far. The thing that is frustrating me the most is the fact that England has to go through Colombia, then the winner of the 1st game

How long is this thing? Wednesday World Cup Open thread.

Another four games on the slate today with things to play for! By Saturday we will be down to 16 and the fun will begin. The daily blogs have been great, huzzah to all of you who participate. Fuck Pepe forever. Group F 9 am DFO time games Sweden v Mexico at