Your Sunday Night Football Open Thread

My tv preview thingy tells me that this game is being shown on The NFL Network. This is the game that was chosen to be highlighted for the first Sunday-Nighter of the exhibition season? This game. This game? One of these teams doesn't even exist! Texans/49'ers-After getting kicked to the curb

Your “I Will Love This Lousy Football Out Of Spite!” Friday Night Football Open Thread

Dear Diary: It's been a bit hard summoning enthusiasm for these pre-season affairs. Don't get me wrong-I love football but the second half of these games look like a bunch of anonymous wrestling fans enjoying their day-pass from some anger management facility. The thing is...there's a ton of compelling drama going

Your “THIS IS NOT A DRILL!-The Redux” Thursday Night Football Open Thread

Although his powers of evil are completely capable of making it happen, not even RGshithead (that's Roger Goodell) would cancel six games.  Right? (my glass is half full btw) So here we are-cheering for football itself, our fave teams and most importantly, NO INJURIES. This is who we are, folks.

Has It Been That Long…? Open Thread

Hey there kids, it's your Absent Stepfather, Darkest Timeline Zach Morris.  I was looking back fondly at the earlier days of this wonder site of dreams and wishes, and saw that the All-Star Game last season was our very first live blog here.  It really got me thinking about what

Your “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” Thursday Open Thread

Oh yeah - it's time to dust off that dictionary and linguistics degree...'s Spelling Bee season again! It's been going on all day. The finals are tonight on ESPN, because TNT must be covering the final nail in the Warriors coffin. Much like the Westminster Kennel Club show does, it should

Your Thursday Night Looks-Like-We-Take-Beerguy-Rob-For-Granted Live Thread

Whoopsie-doodle. Looks like no one volunteered for tonight, so here's a quarter-assed fill-in right quick. I spent today driving wifey to work, various doctor's appointments, picking the wifey back up, filling new prescriptions, getting a much needed haircut, installing my parents' third printer since September (seriously, guys?!), picking up said scripts, and

Wednesday Night Game 7s Are a Blast if It Doesn’t Involve Your Team Thread

In the world of sports, there are very few things better than a Game 7. By that point, the series has been balanced, both teams are clearly evenly-matched, and it's come down to whomever makes the fewest mistakes, who sticks to the fundamentals a little bit better, and sometimes, who

Pick Is In – A [DFO] 2016 Draft Challenge LIVE Results Post

So we've made it to the first major event of the 2016 NFL season, the first round of the draft is tonight! As we are reminded that coaches, general managers, and meddling owners are the real stars of this league, we will also use this event to be introduced to the latest class

Westminster Dog Show Open Thread – Day 1

Yes, it's not Presidents' Day.  A great holiday when a lazy ass Balls can wake up at the crack of 10 AM, throw some shorts on (never pants!), and get to the mall to catch the 10 AM showing of Deadpool expertly calculating the amount of time the stupid previews

Your Sunday Evening 2016 Pro Bowl ‘For God’s Sake Get A Life And Do Something More Worthwhile’ Live Blog

The best players in the NFL who aren't playing in the Super Bowl, aren't injured or at least aren't pretending to be injured because they've already been to Hawaii and don't feel like playing a 17th game of football this season, are at the Aloha Bowl in Hawaii tonight at