DFO University – Sophomore Alcohol – Beer: Ales 220

Good morning class. Sorry about the change in location. Really, that hipster should have known better than to call Professor Fozz "sweetheart", but what's done is done. I'm gladdened to hear the remaining victims have been discharged from the hospital and are live-streaming this lecture via AOL Messenger. Thank God I found

DFO University – Sophomore Alcohol – Beer: Lagers 210

Good afternoon students. Congratulations to those who advanced from the introductory course in this program. To all the transfer students from ITT Tech, the University of Phoenix & Southern New Hampshire University - welcome. I’m your professor – Dr. Robert Beer-Guy. Thank you for accompanying me on this field trip. Welcome

DFO University – Introduction to Alcohol 101

Good afternoon students, I'm your professor - Dr. Robert Beer-Guy. Welcome to our classroom, the Prohibition Bar at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia. My regular attendance in this establishment makes it the perfect setting for our studies. Please take an available seat. Since people these days think all intellectuals are FAKE NEWS,