Boxing Day Open Lesser Footy Thread

Rejoice, for the Merry Brits are bringing the sport lumber today! NBCSN has a quardruple-header, starting with Fulham/Wolves (NOW, nil-nil as the second half gets under way).  This is followed by a terrible Bardodes at Redshit fixture (10:00), then two pretty decent ones - Brighton/Arsenal (noon), and Chelsea/Watford (2:30). Of course 10:00

Belated Lesser Footy and JV Open Thread

Sorry, forgot I was doing this. As we speak, Palace have roared back to take a 2-1 lead on City.  At the Etihad.  BANANACAKES!!  There is also Hammers/Moose Hornets and White Power/Barcodes on NBC Gold. United look for their new manager bump in the spotlight dance (12:30, NBC) in the easiest setting

Your ‘English Premier League has a Race problem’ Saturday AM Thread

Good morning fellow DFOers! Thanks to the good folks at Make-a-Wish foundation, your imaginary pal Wakezilla is hosting the Lesser Footy AM thread again. If anyone asks, I have tumorsyphilisitisosis. Yes, I know the disease sounds both sexy and very terminal. *cough* In case you are wondering about the featured image, that