Champions League Lesser Footy: Hump Day Edition Roundtable

Happy Hump Day everyone! Listen to her "singing" here. I can't imagine how she could have butchered the National Anthem We have a special edition of Champions League lesser footy today. England's lesser footy equivalent of the P*triots, Manchester United, play Sevilla. Oh, there's so many reasons to hate these crumpet eating

Your Yeah Right family Battle Royale Open Thread

We have DJ Taj and his New Orleans Saints going up against Yeah Right and his Minnesota Vikings for the right to go to the NFC Championship Game. Let's go to The Tale Of The Tape! Cooking skills: Advantage Yeah Right Writing while on unknown substances: Advantage DJ Taj QB: Advantage DJ Taj RB: Advantage

JV NFL 30 December Afternoon Offerings

What wagers can I get horribly wrong today?? Gator Bowl - Louisville v. Mississippi State (Noon, ESPN) Such a shame that Dan Mullen won't be around for this, as would make for a great coaching matchup.  Ville have been disappointing all season long, though, and I don't see any reason why that

Semi-Workday JV Exhibition Afternoon Game Thread

I shall leave the night games alone for the night thread, I won't likely stay awake for them, anyhow.  YAY, Purdue, winning me $62.50! Military Industrial Complex Bowl B - Virginia v. Navy (1:30, ESPN) It's cold as a well digger's balls on the East Coast (even as far South as Raleigh,

JV Exhibitions FOAR Boxing Day!

Hey, at least Iggles/Raiders was pretty good last night!  What treats does Day After Santa have to offer? Heart of Jerral World Bowl - Utah v. West By God Virginia (1:30, ESPN) I think the Cousinfucker QB is still ded, which explains Team Secular Big Love coming in as significant favourites.  Still,