Venezuela: Starving for your attention. Your 2019 Copa América Team Preview

Reasons why you should cheer for Venezuela: Venezuela is starving for the attention of lesser footy fans who do not have any blood ties to any country participating in the Copa América. Their team nickname, La Vino Tinto (Red wine), is literally encouraging you to drink alcohol while watching them play! Their

Slim Pickins Lesser Footy Open Thread

Welcome back, though the FA Cup semis (nae exactly raging, MOAR LIEK a quarter-chubb, just enough to make you glad you wore jeans). As such, ALL the Prem action on Saturday is in the 10:00 window (Daylight Savings Times are back in alignment).  Palace and Newcastle are the featured match (NBCSN),

Boxing Day Open Lesser Footy Thread

Rejoice, for the Merry Brits are bringing the sport lumber today! NBCSN has a quardruple-header, starting with Fulham/Wolves (NOW, nil-nil as the second half gets under way).  This is followed by a terrible Bardodes at Redshit fixture (10:00), then two pretty decent ones - Brighton/Arsenal (noon), and Chelsea/Watford (2:30). Of course 10:00

Belated Lesser Footy and JV Open Thread

Sorry, forgot I was doing this. As we speak, Palace have roared back to take a 2-1 lead on City.  At the Etihad.  BANANACAKES!!  There is also Hammers/Moose Hornets and White Power/Barcodes on NBC Gold. United look for their new manager bump in the spotlight dance (12:30, NBC) in the easiest setting

Your ‘English Premier League has a Race problem’ Saturday AM Thread

Good morning fellow DFOers! Thanks to the good folks at Make-a-Wish foundation, your imaginary pal Wakezilla is hosting the Lesser Footy AM thread again. If anyone asks, I have tumorsyphilisitisosis. Yes, I know the disease sounds both sexy and very terminal. *cough* In case you are wondering about the featured image, that