Conference Title Saturday (and Lesser Matters) Open Thread

Welcome to the last full, meaningful Saturday of wall-to-wall footy.  Cherish it, as September is a long-assed time away. That was theme-free Kurt Vile.  You will RESPECT him. Everton finally ripped off the band-aid and gave Marco Silva the sack.  It is indeed very depressing to be in 18th position, entering a

Drop That Bass Line Lesser Footy and JV NFL Open Thread

In honour of the Iron Bowl (MOAR below), check out this amazing new tune by the Cats who gave you 2018's Hippo Song of the Year ("Tinseltown Swimming in Blood"): Isn't that righteous?  I haven't heard awesome bass like that since Peter Hook (Joy Division and New Order).  It sure sticks

Uneventful November Days – Sabado Open Thread

Few things make me feel my age MOAR than counting the years between "Mellow Gold" (which every fuckhead, yours included, owned) and his recent career renaissance.  This is his latest earworm, which I like very much: And with waaaayyyyy too many JV NFL sides picking up on the SEC "play a

JV NFL Saturday – Finally Meaning MOAR

Dunno if you were with us last weekend, but it was pretty dire from an entertainment perspective.  And Lesser Footy is on another interminable international break.  Thank fuck the footy g-ds have blessed us with some tasty matchups this 12 October. Oklahoma (-10.5) v. Texas @ Cotton Bowl, Dallas, TX (Noon,