World Cup 2018 South Korea Preview: So you’re saying there’s a chance

*Scene opens to a pitch black room. All you can see is black and the sounds of an older man grunting* Old Man breathing heavily: Oh yeah, that little black dress is getting a little uncomfortable. Take it off, baby. *The sound of pumping Vaseline can be heard* OM: Oh yeah, almost there,

2018 World Cup Preview: Iceland

The other day I saw an ad on the social medias that wasn't about Cambridge Analytica, but was for some liquor stating that due to the United States not qualifying for the World Cup we should all be rooting for Iceland. Now, I found this quite peculiar, because I'm fairly

Huzzah, Teh Bastard Man Is Gone!

Sorry for the late postings, I forgot. But glad tidings, my imaginary friends, for Fat Sam a/k/a Gravy Tits a/k/a That Hippo Head Fuck/Cunt a/k/a The Gravy Boat has been formally sacked.  Hippo can wear his Everton hat again!  And with PSV Eindhoven's Marcel Brands already taking the reins as the new Director

World Cup 2018 Team Preview: Iran (So Far) Welcome to another DFO World Cup preview. Today we'll be looking at the Iranian team. They are known as "Team Melli," which means "The National Team." They've also been called the Persian Stars, Shiran e Iran (the Iranian Lions), the Cheetahs (due to conservation efforts), or the Princes of Persia. Would