Your Wednesday Evening NHL Western Conference Preview & Open Thread

(Sorry I'm late - the students needed extra help today.) As the playoffs start tonight, we wrap up our brief two-day intro coverage by looking at the Western Conference matchups: Calgary vs. Colorado Colorado already starts this series mentally down in the eyes of their fans, because they got FUCKED in the Draft

Your Tuesday Evening NHL Eastern Conference Preview & Open Thread

Well, let's get this out of the way: Congrats Seamus. And as a reminder, I'm very disappointed in the rest of you. For the next couple of nights, I'm going to eschew the usual NFL News I collect so we all can gather 'round and discuss the pertinent matter at hand -

Your “Hey – Do I Know You?” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Franchise tag updates: no new applications. What's a NFL offseason without hand-wringing about the rules? The three topics on the agenda for the Competition Committee meeting today were: Replay review punts - make them more like kickoffs? the new helmet rules - good, or make betterer? Current thinking

Boots on the Ground – Sharkbait’s New York Adventures

Part 1: A Friends Affair I try to make it down to New York every year for a hockey game. Mrs. Sharkbait and I started discussing the idea of packaging a Giants game in the same weekend. We decided it wasn’t right that I’ve been to a Giants game and she

Your 2018-19 NHL Western Conference Preview

Yesterday, I raised the topic of the NHL's Eastern Conference, a.k.a. "the teams Gary Bettman wants to win the Cup". Today, it's the West, where dreams die upon the altar of the travel schedule. Pacific Division: Anaheim Ducks - by friend of Low Commander, Funky Brewmaster For the first time in a few

Your 2018-19 NHL Eastern Conference Preview

Hi, I'm Beerguyrob. As I am Canadian, I am more than qualified to rant about the upcoming NHL season. Y'know, that sport which occupies the dead zone between NFL broadcasts which isn't basketball. I'll leave it to Forbes to argue about the relative valuation of each team. The NHL has been

Your “We Sweat And Laugh And Scream Here” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Le'Veon isn't "officially" on the trading block, but at least the Jets have called about his rights. The Steelers can rescind his franchise tag & trade him, but would need something valuable in return, since they'd only qualify for a third-round compensatory pick that they'd immediately lose because

Your “Umm, What – They’re Now The FavoUrites?” Saturday Evening Open Thread Fun fact: Celine Dion actually sang in the Eurovision contest in 1988, representing Switzerland - because you don't actually have to be from the country you are representing. You are singing a song from that country, so the song is from the country & the artist can be from wherever.

Your “Hopefully, The One Time This Site Unites Behind A Jets Franchise” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Your day may have sucked, but it went nowhere near as badly as Matt Patricia's.  If I read the stories correctly: He was on Spring Break at South Padre Island in 1996. He & a fraternity brother apparently sexually assaulted a woman at a hotel. She initially complained to

Your Western Conference Preview & Sunday Evening Open Thread

As with yesterday, let's get down to brass tacks. San Jose Sharks vs. Vegas Golden Knights For all intents, this series might be over by the time you read this. Game 2 was Saturday night, and unless I got me some gumption, I updated it to reflect reality, and not the late-Friday

“Canada’s Real Team Lives In The West” – A DFO Western Conference Preview

As is DFO custom, interested parties have been surveyed for their favourite team's chances to survive the first round on their way to win the best trophy in pro sports. Tonight we survey the Western Conference. As always, opinions are those of the individual authors. If it's unattributed, then I did