Your “Umm, What – They’re Now The FavoUrites?” Saturday Evening Open Thread Fun fact: Celine Dion actually sang in the Eurovision contest in 1988, representing Switzerland - because you don't actually have to be from the country you are representing. You are singing a song from that country, so the song is from the country & the artist can be from wherever.

Your “Hopefully, The One Time This Site Unites Behind A Jets Franchise” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Your day may have sucked, but it went nowhere near as badly as Matt Patricia's.  If I read the stories correctly: He was on Spring Break at South Padre Island in 1996. He & a fraternity brother apparently sexually assaulted a woman at a hotel. She initially complained to

Your Western Conference Preview & Sunday Evening Open Thread

As with yesterday, let's get down to brass tacks. San Jose Sharks vs. Vegas Golden Knights For all intents, this series might be over by the time you read this. Game 2 was Saturday night, and unless I got me some gumption, I updated it to reflect reality, and not the late-Friday

“Canada’s Real Team Lives In The West” – A DFO Western Conference Preview

As is DFO custom, interested parties have been surveyed for their favourite team's chances to survive the first round on their way to win the best trophy in pro sports. Tonight we survey the Western Conference. As always, opinions are those of the individual authors. If it's unattributed, then I did

“How Will The Caps Blow It This Year?” A DFO Eastern Conference Preview

CAN YOU TASTE THE EXCITEMENT?! That's right - it's NHL playoff season. Or, as Canucks fans call it, "Ah fuck - the Leafs are still playing?" season, a.k.a. "Spring". As is DFO custom, interested parties have been surveyed for their favourite team's chances to survive the first round on their way to win

Your “Saturday Nights Are Total Sports Nights Again!” Evening Open Thread

It's here! It's here! It's finally here! OH GOD, I NEED MORE!!!111! And maybe a little something for my American friends?      Looking ahead to tomorrow, here are the NFL broadcast maps courtesy the fine folks at CBS SINGLE █ Anchorage AK  |  █ Fairbanks AK █ Honolulu HI █ Jacksonville @ Pittsburgh Kevin Harlan, Rich Gannon █ LA Chargers @ NY Giants* Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts █ Tennessee

Your “Time To Put Butts In Seats” NHL Opening Day Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Ben Roethlisberger says it's his role as a leader to speak to teammates when they need to be spoken to. He obviously thinks this is his doing: High emotions between the [Redacteds] and Chiefs on Monday night: Marcus Peters swore at some home fans after giving up a

“There’s A Team In Vegas?!” – A Half-assed Smart-ass NHL Preview

The NHL enters another season starting today. The season starts with 31 teams, with the newly ensconced Las Vegas Golden Knights taking the ice in the Pacific division. It should be a heady time for a league coming off of an exciting Stanley Cup run and the first repeat winners

Your “We’re Gonna Have A Ball Just Like We Always Do” Saturday Evening Open Thread

Hey there! It's your old pal Beerguyrob, back for another Saturday night of kvetchin' and cavortin'. Did you all enjoy last night's AFL Grand Final? That was a humdinger, and didn't finish too late on the west coast, so I was up & ready for Australia vs. South Africa rugby