Pens-Jacks Quasi-Preview Or Some Such (mostly Ice Stillers)

The Pittsburgh Ice Stillers commence their Stanley Cup title defense against the "third best" team in the Metro Division, Columbus. The Pens recorded their third-best record in franchise history with 111 points, which not only wasn't enough to win the division (piss off, Crapitals), but, has them playing the equally

A Completely Neutral, Thorough Preview of the AFC Championship Game

WCS: Well, strangely enough, the Steelers are in the AFC Championship Game. Again. Oh, and it's against the Patriots. Again. This after being 4-5 at one point in November. They've since run off nine-straight wins, won the AFC North, and got through their first two playoff games. Mike Tomlin and

2016 U.S. Open Primer

STANLEY CUP WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Enjoy the golf.   No, just kidding. Today marks the start of the year's second golf major, our national championship, the US Open. It's second of the four annual biggest events on the golf calendar, and has an earned reputation as being the "toughest test in golf." That is most

Your Thursday Night Looks-Like-We-Take-Beerguy-Rob-For-Granted Live Thread

Whoopsie-doodle. Looks like no one volunteered for tonight, so here's a quarter-assed fill-in right quick. I spent today driving wifey to work, various doctor's appointments, picking the wifey back up, filling new prescriptions, getting a much needed haircut, installing my parents' third printer since September (seriously, guys?!), picking up said scripts, and

A Tradition Unlike Any Other (Barf)

Hello, friends. It's a tradition unlike any other. It's The Masters. I'm Jim Nantz, and it's my distinct pleasure to bring you one of the great events in all of sports. It's Augusta National Golf Club, the Mecca of professional golf. The pride, the heritage, the racial purity. Yes, The Masters embodies

Not Even Daddy (TWSS) Yet Blues

Alright, you cockstains, I’m looking for some help. As all are most likely aware, I’m about to be a dad for the first time. I am fucking terrified, as I’m sure you other parents were the first time (PHRASING) were, when the realization finally hit home that you’re about to