Yinzer Morons Bye Week Who Cares

After six games, does anyone really know what this team is? They've been run over by Bawler, tore HOTLANTA apart by the sinew, and tied against the freaking Browns. THE BEN has either been the probable Hall-Of-Famer he most likely is on good days, and looking more like Nate Peterman on

#QBANON: Your 2018 New England Patriots Preview

[EXT. - NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS TRAINING CAMP.] [The sun is shining over Gillette Stadium. No clouds are in the sky, and the stadium is beautiful.] [CUT to INT. - A dark, candlelit dungeon. A tall, hooded figure sits alone at a rough-hewn wooden table, with stacks of ancient, leather-bound volumes piled high.

Your It’s Not The Charlotte 600 Because It’s Not Porn Sunday Night Open Thread

This is one of the rare Sundays I get to enjoy fully.  Tomorrow is Memorial Day,  hence no work and no going to bed early. Will I spend the time fruitfully? Well, I'm watching NASCAR, so you be the judge. As I mentioned last year,  today is the GREATEST DAY IN MOTORSPORTS

Show Some Respect

INT. FOX BROADCASTING BOOTH - NRG STADIUM, HOUSTON, TX - NIGHT JOE BUCK: Good evening, folks! Welcome to Thursday Night Football, here in downtown Houston, as we wait to watch the 2-6 Texans take on the 1-7 Miami Dolphins, in what is sure to be a thrilling kickoff to Week 8!

Take A Knee Zeke! It’s The Dallas Cowboys At The Bye!

Before we get into the travesty that the Cowboys' 2017 season is about the become, a few words about Jerry Jones.  Unless you were living under a rock the last couple of weeks you know that our grandstanding Vice-President, Mike "I'm Terrified Of Any Woman Not My Mother" Pence, attended

Your 4th of July Evening Open Thread

Happy 4th of July everybody! I imagine that around this time most everybody has been properly lubricated and has consumed the proper ingestibles, overindulged on grilled proteins and have applied various intoxicating substances of choice to lighten the mood and to better prepare you for the evening fireworks display. That's good! It is

Your “TGISF Hostile Takeover: TGISS!!!” Sunday Evening Open Thread

I do hope we are all having a wonderful weekend.  Those of us in the States are, if we're lucky, in the middle of the rare four-day weekend due to the Independence Day holiday falling on a Tuesday.  So without further adieu (and before that pain in my ass, ballsofsteelandfury

TGISF…aka Your “Happy Birthday ‘Murrica” Sexy Friday Open Thread

Can't fool you guys, you're too smart.  Yep, it's Independence Day weekend.  Uncle Sam might not officially turn 241 until Tuesday, but we're celebrating the whole damned weekend. So find your beverage of choice, grab your flag (I said FLAG!!!!!!)....and let's do this. Sexy, Patriotic, Red, White and Blue Girls is the

Annual Performance Evaluation: Goodell, R.

NEW YORK   Umm Shari, I think I'm going to take the afternoon off. You can too if you want, just make sure to send James Harrison another $50,000 fine. Call it "detrimental to the shield, he's a poopyhead." You know how to make it do. Ahh...another season in the books, quite a

Better Know A Mythic Figure: GMesis

Species Name: GMesis Shivathal (rhymes with Nemesis AND Genesis). However NONE EVER LOOK LIKE HER. But we view them as so due to their magical powers. Individual Names: Balkeballtarkomous (extinct), Joneszilla (unkillable owner hybrid), Slingbladeus (um...incriminating evidence?), Grigsonelle (extinct) From: Boardroom Scarface binges, Dartboard throws, "Hey he knows the owner!" Descended from/Spawned by: Unclear. Nepotism helps

Better Know a Mythical Woodland Creature: Romonculus

As we delve deeper and deeper into the postseason, we're also going to be delving deeper and deeper into DFO's mythological pantheon.  This week, we'll be taking a look at one of the most ephemeral creatures to make occasional appearances on the gridiron, the Romonculus.   Species Name: Romo Sapiens Individual Names: Leon Lettucewin,