Yinzburgh Stillers 2018 Preview

Well, holy hell. Wasn't that AFC Championship Game the throwdown everyone, expected, and deserved? Two titans of the AFC having yet another remtatch to see who is who? Two greats, with history, both recent, and historically, to add to their legacy? Steelers and Patriots, two rivals vying for for supremacy

Your “Clash of the Titans (No, Not Those Titans)” Sunday Afternoon Football Open Thread

Oh my, we've got some jugger-naughty thrills and spills coming our way don't we? I'm genuinely excited for what's in front of us. Let's take a not-so-deep dive ("NO RUNNING NEAR THE POOL!") into the festivities... TO THE GAMES! L.A. RAMS/SEATTLE: De facto NFC West Championship Game? It sure feels/seems like it

“MAC n Cheese Is All You Get Tonight” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

There's no football tonight, of course.  Well, at least not the varsity variety. Barely the JV variety either, unless you're a MAC fan... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBxNjg2Nz24 But we'll get to that later. Besides, tonight I plan to try and ignore sports and finally try (again) to finish some reading I've been trying to finish for far

Your Half-assed 2017 Pittsburgh Steelers Season Preview

So, this feels appropriate.  Originally, WCS was going to write the bulk of this preview while I, the "recovering" Steelers fan was going to add in some comic relief and rejoice in the fact that I don't give a fuck if Ben dies on the field or not, if Mike

A Completely Neutral, Thorough Preview of the AFC Championship Game

WCS: Well, strangely enough, the Steelers are in the AFC Championship Game. Again. Oh, and it's against the Patriots. Again. This after being 4-5 at one point in November. They've since run off nine-straight wins, won the AFC North, and got through their first two playoff games. Mike Tomlin and

25 NFL Questions From An Uninformed And Easily Distracted Fan: Week 7

As an homage to the overused sports writing trope of “[X number] Burning, Itching, Throbbing Questions for [X Team/X Sport/X League]”, I present to you a list of questions that I, an uninformed and easily distracted NFL fan, had after Week 7.  This week, I watched a little bit of the

Your 2016 Half-Assed Pittsburgh Steelers Season Preview

Yes, you will be shocked and amazed that it took three full-grown adults (and I say the word "adult" in the most sarcastic way possible) to put this together.  To be fair, there are REASONS! Mainly one of us not named Balls or Sill put one past the goalie, got his wife

2015 Pittsburgh Stillers Bye Week Injury Report

STILLERS BYE WEEK RECAP   WCS: 6-4 and in the Wild Card position. Not too bad considering the Stillers look more like a triage unit during an outbreak of EbolaAIDS. /DeAngelo Williams' ankle explodes The Stillers have started four kickers since the preseason, three quarterbacks, lost All-Pro center and Aaron Hernandez Fan Club president

The First Real Open Thread of the Season!

Holy crap, it's here.  We have ACTUAL, COUNTING FOOTBALL for the first time in roughly 10 quatrillion years.  We've been subjected to preseason football, Ballghazi, Spygate Redux, The assorted ongoing Redskins debacle, the goddamned Patriots being your returning champions, the preseason knee apocalypses of Jordy Nelson and Kelvin Benjamin, thousands