TGISF… AKA “Why Are These Pages Stuck Together?” Sexy Friday Open Thread

If you want to get laid, go to college. If you want an education, go to the library. –Frank Zappa - Get it? - So, it probably isn't too difficult to figure out this week's theme.  But I'm still not telling you yet. But here's a "hint". - I enjoy reading for pleasure.  Unfortunately, I don't have much

The DFO Interview: Drew Magary

In honor of [Door Flies Open]'s 2nd anniversary we reached back in time and reached out in person to interview one of the founding fathers of our former motherblog Kissing Suzy Kolber. On July 10th I attended a book reading/signing in Manhattan Beach, CA. The author on hand was none other

[BOOK FLIES OPEN]: Andrew Luck Knows How to Read

It's been a busy past few days in NFL News: Josh Norman signed with the [REDACTED]s and shortly thereafter admitted that he tried and failed to go crawling back to the Panthers; Sam Bradford demanded a trade and said he wouldn't show up to OTAs in protest of the Eagles'