[DFOnline] Anthem is Further Proof Acquisitions Have Consequences

Anthem is the newest game to come from the good Canadian folks at BioWare, best known for their Knights of the Old Republic, Dragon Age and Mass Effect series, which have all done a tremendous job of blending rich story, (arguably, the illusion of) making your decisions matter, massively beautiful maps to explore and

2018 Quotables – Pro Bowl Weekend (Results)

Having successfully ignored pretty much all of the Superb Owl media news this week, it seems strange that THE BIG GAME is on Sunday. My employers main office is based in Massachusetts, so other than the occasional Patriots knob slobbing I overhear on conference calls, it would just be another

Commentist Beer Barrel: Boots On The Ground – Horus HOOTennany

It has been about 6 months since the last time I attended a Beer Festival of some kind. That's probably a good thing, since I really don't need to shouldn't put my body through that very often. Back in December, this Festival was brought to my attention, and based on the

2018 Quotables – Pro Bowl Weekend (Submissions)

Welcome to Quoteables, where our ELITE team of professional Commentists have been hand selected to meet in Hawaii Orlando (at least it's not Phoenix!) to crack wise on the images you see below. They truly are the best of the best (minus those commenting in the Superb Owl, those who may

2018 Quotables – Conference Finals Weekend (Results)

You guys ready for some PROFESSIONAL BOWL action this weekend?! As someone who didn't watch the SKILLS SHOWDOWN last night, I know I sure am not! That being said, I'm expecting a plethora of good material for next week, where Quoteables will march on, Hate Week and all. It's gonna

2018 Quotables – Divisional Round Weekend (Submissions) & Wild Card Weekend (Results)

Well, what a wonderful weekend it was. The Football Clippers got the thrashing they so badly deserved, Jason Garret had a fine eating of defeat, Andy Reid unhinged his jaw and started devouring the Colts early enough for the clock not to matter and Alshon Jeffery probably won't be catching many

2018 Quotables – Wild Card Weekend (Submissions) & Week 17 Goodell (Results)

Hey everybody, welcome to another (late) week of Quotables. I will be taking over this segment for Blax from here until the end of the season, unless my worst possible outcome occurs, in which case I'l have drank until my heart stops and someone else will have to take over