2018 Quotables – Week 11 (Submissions)

Holy cow there were a lot of highlights this weekend. Well, lowlights anyways -- that's more the currency around here.  That said, as we enter Thanksgiving football day I'd like to shamelessly plug my 2017 Football is Family post. Anyways, no hype here. Just get to it. Results are still going

2018 Quotables – Week 9 (Results)

Here are your submissions. Great work as always except for, as with the Powerball, those of you don't play. If you don't play, you can't win. Dez learned this lesson for Week 10 as he heads to New Orleans to cancer-up that locker room; you should learn it/cancer-up stuff too.  

2018 Quotables – Week 8 (Results)

Week 8 fools. Season's about halfway over and, rather than punishing myself with OAK/SF, I am punishing myself with Star Wars 8. I sure don't remember the earlier ones being this bad but, who knows, maybe they were. I'll just say this though, Luke Skywalker sure became a dick. I

2018 Quotables – Week 7 (Results)

Midseason form all around. Granted, a few of you look a little more Josh Gordon with the Browns than Josh Gordon with the Patriots. But, then again, many others look more like Patr*ots OC Josh McDaniels as opposed to Head Coach Josh McDaniels. But that's the NFL, babaaayyyyyyyyyy! Submissions seemed a

2018 Quotables – Week 7 (Submissions)

It’s late Monday and, if the last twenty minutes are any indicator, I am not going to be anywhere other than in bed sick as a dog tomorrow morning. I didn’t watch the MNF fixture last night but that’s fine because Thursday through Sunday was absolutely putrid. Sunday was my first

2018 Quotables – Week 5 (Results)

NFL UK action kicks off this Sunday. We're also into Spooktober and, assuming Fox didn't bust him out last week, I assume we'll start seeing the return of the robot with the jack-o-lantern head this weekend. All just gimmicks, of course, to distract you from the on-field product. Another good distraction? Quotables.