2017 Quotables – Week 15 Results

Banner Image from Pinterest.  What? Screw you.  And yes, he is a big ol' meathead. Buenos días, damas y caballeros. Your usual consigliere de Quotables has decided that you all deserve his entertainment but not his judgment. So you're stuck with me. Boo fucking hoo. This week's submissions here. You'll note not all

2017 Quotables – Week 14 (Submissions)

Welcome to your Week 14 Quotables submissions. Here in Cardinals Country, we're hanging on the final threads of, "If Atlanta and Seattle lose out, then we've only gotta have 14 other scenarios play out and we're getting a wild card!" So, naturally, most fan energy is focused on the Roy

2017 Quotables – Week 12 (Results)

Week 12 results are up. For those of you who do that type of thing, don't be all reading your press clippings because, much like when the NFL expands the playoffs to 37 teams and runs postseason games every night from Christmas til What-Used-To-Be-MLK-Day-Until-Trump-Changed-It-To-White-Americans-Day in mid-January, you've only got a

2017 Quotables – Week 12 (Submissions)

I'm rushing here because I'm early. Week 12 offered a true bounty of highlights/lowlights/sidelights and, without (a) bye week updated to fill this slot; (b) the need to wait for a Ravens/Texans MNF game to provide us with anymore NFL "action", Quotables is taking the Monday slot this week. So, uhhhh,

2017 Quotables – Week 11 (Results)

Results day is here! You all have a good Thanksgiving first though? Over 1,000 comments on yesterdays #content. I was good for five or ten myself so ass-slaps all around! Unless, of course, such a move would be uninvited on anyone, in which case those individuals get tiny American flags. AMERICAN