2018 Quotables – Week 7 (Results)

Midseason form all around. Granted, a few of you look a little more Josh Gordon with the Browns than Josh Gordon with the Patriots. But, then again, many others look more like Patr*ots OC Josh McDaniels as opposed to Head Coach Josh McDaniels. But that's the NFL, babaaayyyyyyyyyy! Submissions seemed a

2018 Quotables – Week 7 (Submissions)

It’s late Monday and, if the last twenty minutes are any indicator, I am not going to be anywhere other than in bed sick as a dog tomorrow morning. I didn’t watch the MNF fixture last night but that’s fine because Thursday through Sunday was absolutely putrid. Sunday was my first

2018 Quotables – Week 5 (Results)

NFL UK action kicks off this Sunday. We're also into Spooktober and, assuming Fox didn't bust him out last week, I assume we'll start seeing the return of the robot with the jack-o-lantern head this weekend. All just gimmicks, of course, to distract you from the on-field product. Another good distraction? Quotables.

2018 Quotables – Week 3 (Results)

Little housekeeping up front: while my Cam+Mccaffrey buoyed fantasy team is settling in for my throwaway week (don't worry, this is the last I will talk of fantasy football here -- I just like to mention my strategy because it was stupid, is stupid, and will be stupid post Panthers

2018 Quotables – Week 3 (Submissions)

My two cents researching this weeks Quotables submissions? Is everyone seeing as much shitty tackling as I am? I mean, I've been watching Arizona march towards 0-16 for three games now so I'm not surprised when they can't bring down a back before he reaches the deep safety (especially when