2017 Quotables – Week 4 (Results)

So that, above, is the silhouette of Miami's mascot, T.D.. I swear, there is nothing about that organization that doesn't just feel completely lazy. And that's BEFORE the obligatory Jay Cutler jokes. They are a who team should seriously just end the season having only played 15 games. Anyways, in Quotables news, got some

2017 Quotables – Week 4 (Submissions)

First, lotta discrepancies in power rankings between the major sites. The top some but the bottom is seriously an eight-team frenzy. Say what you will about parity and any given Sunday -- a quarter of the NFL is effectively noncompetitive. Thank goodness the Rams made some sweeping changes and the

2017 Quotables – Week 3 (Results)

So we're locking arms now? Good -- I didn't want to #dogwhistle the alt-right to come 'both-sides' up Quotables every week. I mean, I guess that's the conceding the protest but, hey, it's not like a handful of millionaires would ever stand the chance against a couple dozen billionaires, right? Anyways,

2017 Quotables – Week 3 (Submissions)

Lotta "showing unity" gifs this week but, really, how much can we make fun of that? But if you got one in the chamber for such displays of patriotism/terorrism (YRMV), I'm sure you can shoehorn it in. But before we get to Quotables, here are your Power Rankings update: Last week (Week

2017 Quotables – Week 2 (Submissions)

First, your Power Rankings Update: Last week (Week 2): Top 5: PIT, GB, KC, NE, ATL Bottom 5: IND, SF, CLE, CHI, BUF This week (Week 3): Top 5: PIT, KC, NE, ATL, OAK Bottom 5: IND, SF, CLE, CHI, CIN Why the 2-0 Broncos are still on the outside, while N*'s victory over a consistently-underwhelming Saints team makes for the

2017 Quotables – Week 1 (Submissions)

Lotta football action this weekend. Some results were expected (Browns lost), some were surprises (Alex Smith airing it out), and some were shocking but not at all surprising (Bears unable to convert from 1st and Goal to win). As a result, power rankings have been revised and your Week 2