No Ones Chargers 2018 Season Preview

INTERIOR - ST. SOPHIA CATHEDRAL, LOS ANGELES - MIDDAY [A decent group of formal, yet lavishly dressed people sit in the pews as the funeral for Faye Spanos is about to get underway. However, due to the vast size of the church, the audience seems dwarfed by comparison. The organ softly

Your 4th of July Day Open Thread & Commentist Beer Barrel: Boots On The Ground – San Diego International Beer Festival 2018

Heyyyy, happy 4th of July, folks! Low Commander here to dust off the old Beer Barrel and hopefully wet your whistles for the incredible day of BBQing, blowing shit up and straight up shameless DRANKIN'. 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays, (mostly because I am not a

Request Line: Keep It Clean

INT. RECORDING STUDIO – DAY The PRODUCER and DJ3000 are standing outside the recording booth, waiting for their guest to arrive. DJ3000: I STILL DO NOT UNDERSTAND. PRODUCER: For the last time, we already had a guest scheduled for this week. We can't just cancel on him after he's traveled this far. DJ3000: SURE